In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


25. Lam ergo cognitis




It had been several weeks since the incident involving the Marauders' Map and while tensions had not completely dissipated, they had cooled enough to espouse some sense of normality back into their daily routine.

After her meeting with Dumbledore, Hermione had gone back to the Common Room, almost bouncing with euphoria. It was a feeling that was also slightly tinged with trepidation. She wondered whether Voldemort would be able to feel these sudden losses of himself – whether he would find out what they were doing. However, Hermione relieved herself with the fact that she was at Hogwarts and she was under the protection of Dumbledore. Surely Tom Riddle would not be stupid enough to even attempt to penetrate the hallowed halls.

When Hermione reached the Common Room on that night, she was disappointed to find it in a state of semi-darkness and complete abandonment. It was late and everybody had already gone to bed in anticipation of tomorrow's lessons. She climbed the staircase to the Third Year Boys' Dormitory and knocked softly on the door.

There was no reply.

Her buoyant attitude was somewhat weakened as she realised that she would have to wait until the morning to find out how the rest of the confrontation had progressed.

Making an impatient noise, she quietly crept down the stairs so as to not wake any of the students.

When she was only halfway down the stairs she heard a door creak open behind her and soft, hesitant footsteps moving towards her.

"Mione?" a doubtful voice whispered.

Hermione turned around and was confronted with a pale and drawn face.

"Remus! You scared me!"

"Sorry," he mumbled in a barely audible voice. Seeing the hurt expression on his face, Hermione quickly justified her actions.

"No, no, it's alright. I guess I just didn't expect anyone to be here at this time when the Common Room is usually empty."

She stared at Remus enquiringly.

"Speaking of which, what are you doing down here anyway?"

The paleness of Remus' face coloured slightly at Hermione's question. Clearly the discussion had created more questions that what it had answered.

"I couldn't sleep," said Remus, not giving away any more information other than his reply.

Hermione nodded before adding her own sentiments.

"I couldn't sleep either...would you like to join me downstairs with some hot chocolate?"

Remus nodded eagerly feeling glad that Hermione had not pressed him for answers, or more importantly, judge him.


They sat cross legged on the floor, leaning against the back of one of the sofas, warming their toes at the grate of the fireplace.

They had spent some time chatting about their subjects and teachers, however, it was not nearly as much of a discussion as Hermione would have liked. She had spent a good part of the last half hour almost talking completely to herself while Remus sipped at his drink and occasionally offered a small sound of agreement. Therefore, it was a bit of a surprise for Hermione when Remus finally asked her a question.

"How long have you known?"

This seemingly simple question left Hermione dumbstruck. She had no clue about how to go about answering this question. How on Earth could she tell him that she had known for almost eight years when they had technically only been friends for only half that time?

She decided that being slightly evasive was the only way to go.

"I've known for awhile."


Again Hermione did not know how to explain herself.

She took a sip of her drink to calm her nerves and to give her more time to think.

"I did a little maths...and I once had a friend who was a werewolf. I learned all the signs pretty quick."


Remus fell silent once more and once again the room was only filled with the sound of occasional sips taken from the hot chocolate. Neither of the room's occupants knew how to break the tension that now pervaded the room.

Hermione could not take the oppressive strain and decided to take action, and take it fast.

"Remus," she said, perhaps a little too forcefully because she could see his shoulders flinch back a little at the sound of his name.

"You have to know that your friends, no matter what they may have said, are still your friends, and they love you as if you were a brother to them. Heck, you are a brother to them, in all the ways that matter. Even if they can do that you are a werewolf, I don't care and I will make sure that the others don't care either."

She added the last part while twisting and turning the knuckles of one hand into the palm of the other.

"Thank you," said Remus in a voice that was slightly more confident than before.

Hermione watched him carefully, as for the first time that evening, Remus smiled. It was small and tentative, but it was a smile nonetheless.

Remus decided to continue speaking at Hermione's own reassuring smile. He looked at the deep brown eyes that had crinkled slightly at the edges with joy, took and deep breath and continued with his explanation.

"You can relax Hermione – despite the look on your face I know that you are very tense inside and that you want to find out what happened after you left."

"You know me too well," said Hermione, unsure of whether she should be glad that Remus was going to tell her the full story, or annoyed that he knew her well enough to know that she was desperate to find out and was purposefully withholding the information.

"The others are OK with it," he shrugged his shoulders at Hermione's disbelieving expression.

"They really are OK with it?" Hermione questioned.

"Yeah...they were a bit upset at how I had not told them about it for so long, but we talked it out and it's all sorted."

"Boys talking things out...well I'll be..."

Hermione knew that the boys would have been a little more than 'upset' when it came to keeping a secret such as this from them. Remus had an intensely irritating habit of downplaying everything to make it seem less important.

Now that all had been revealed, Hermione felt as though a great weight had been lifted and as though she could breathe properly for the first time in a long time.

The pair chatted incessantly until all the hot chocolate and accompanying marshmallows had been greatly depleted, and the fire in the grate had ceased to keep them warm.

It was then and only them that the pair said their good-nights, retreated to their respective dormitories and crawled under the beautifully warmed maroon covers of their beds.




Sirius looked around at Hermione, wondering what was the reason for the sugar sweet and manipulating tone.

"My parents are having a bit of a get-together for Halloween this year and I was wondering if you would like to come as my date?"

Sirius frowned slightly at this proposition.

"Halloween? Aren't we still at school during Halloween?"

It was at this that Hermione smiled.

"Yes, but my parents got special permission from Dumbledore to allow any students who are invited, to be allowed to leave Hogwarts for the evening so that they could attend with their parents."

Sirius pretended to think hard for a moment.

"Oh well, in that case, I guess I'll have to come. What about these guys?"

He added the last question with his thumb poking out in the direction of his fellow Marauders.

"They are invited as well, so you won't be alone all evening."

"Cool. I guess I'll be coming then."

Hermione smirked, "For them or for me."

Sirius chose his words wisely, knowing full well that the others were listening for his response.

"Both," he answered rather diplomatically.

Hermione hugged him around the shoulders in response before whispering in his ear, "Ma invited all the snotty nosed purebloods and it would otherwise be such a bore. I am really glad that you are coming."

Sirius hugged her back and he too whispered his reply, "Glad to be of service".

Hermione pulled back and playfully hit him on the shoulders before speaking to the group at large.

"You can all bring dates too."

At this, James got a mischievous glint in his eye. He knew that Lily Evans had heard Hermione's small announcement about dates.

He looked over at his beloved 'Lily-Petal' only to get a firm "NO!" before he had even opened his mouth.

He turned away looking slightly crestfallen, but the hard glint was still in his eyes.

Remus had immediately looked over to Estrella and she returned to favour by batting her eyelids and blowing him a kiss. This resulted in a Remus that resembled the colour of beetroot.

Peter, on the other hand, was trying to catch the eye of Heloise; however, Hermione noticed that she was staring resolutely at the wall opposite. She chuckled.

'Good Luck Heloise,' she thought as she turned her attention back to Sirius and her breakfast; in that order, of course.

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