In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


29. In memoria diligens dilectione sororia




The remainder of the Christmas holidays was spent eating Ma's excellent home-cooked food, having snowball fights to work off the food, and relaxing with a game of Wizard's chess. Remus brought along his set, and James had his own. Armed with these, they were able to create a competition between the group of them.

Boo gave his contribution by lying on the sidelines and alternating between napping and attempting to attack the chess pieces. The chess pieces got very annoyed at the frequent intrusions, and as a result they refused to follow Hermione's orders. This is not to say that the humans did not get annoyed. James was all for locking him in the attics, however, Hermione cuffed him around the ears before she could proceed with his plan.

Part of the entertainment was the boys inviting Peter around, and then as he stepped through the fireplace (after having Flooed there) they would pelt him with snowballs that they had brought in from outside. Hermione tried to show some discontent with this particular behaviour, but found that it was much easier not to say anything at all.

There were days when for whole stretches of time, the guys were nowhere to be found. Hermione later discovered, from Sirius, that they were using this time to go into the library at Potter Manor and do some more research about becoming an animagus.

Towards the end of the holidays, it dawned on both Sirius and Hermione that once they went back to school they would have very limited time together. Hermione had taken to sharing her bed with Sirius just so that they could get some time alone before they went back to Hogwarts.

Together they would curl under the covers and have whispered conversations about whatever took their fancy.

Sirius learned that Hermione was deathly afraid of failing exams at school. She thought that it would give the other students a reason to bully her. Hermione learned exactly what hard work it was to become an animagus. It took months of meditation and concentration before the participants even had a chance, and this heightened Hermione's respect for the guys so much that on this night, she let Sirius stay the whole time. She had been kicking him out at five in the morning up until that point, to prevent the arousal of any suspicions.

On these nights when he stayed in her room, they would often fall asleep in a tangle of limbs with Boo asleep at their feet, perfect for keeping them warm.

Hermione greatly treasured these moments. For the first time in a long time she felt safe, despite the danger that was ever-present beyond the secure confines of Potter Manor and Hogwarts castle.

Although it was less obvious to the others in her family, Hermione knew that dark times were approaching. The number of disappearances, although not as bad as it was in 'her time', was nonetheless steadily on the increase.

Snuggling further into the arms of her boyfriend, Hermione tried to put it all out of her mind and try and get some sleep before they had to go back to Hogwarts and be subject to many piles of agonising homework.


Hermione had barely begun to put her things away when a small, blonde head peered around the door frame of the fourth-year girls' dormitories.

She was clearly not expecting anybody because when she heard a small, scared voice she jumped about a foot in the air, throwing the shirt she was folding up in the air while she was at it.

The little girl, a first year, cowered behind the door whilst simultaneously thrusting out a hand that was holding a yellowed scroll of parchment.

Calming down rather quickly when she saw that it was only a First year, she thanked the girl for passing it on and took the parchment from her.

Slitting the scroll open with a flick of her wand, her eyes quickly scanned across the page.

Dumbledore requested her presence later that week, on Friday, to be precise, at eight in the evening.

Hermione pulled out a quill from the drawer of her bedside table and quickly penned a message saying that she would be able to meet him.

It would give her enough time to unwind a little after lessons, and grab some dinner before meeting with him.

Hermione suspected that the meeting was not entirely urgent; otherwise he would have asked her to be there sooner. However, Dumbledore had the knack for making her stretch her thinking skills and his meetings with her often proved to be physically and mentally draining.

Although Hermione was pleased at the convenience of the meeting, she baulked slightly at the fact that it was on a Friday night.

Friday evenings were her time to unwind. They were the one day of the week on which she, somewhat willingly, abstained from homework (at Sirius' insistence). It was her private time with Sirius. The one time they could guarantee to send time together was no longer guaranteed. Voldemort was getting stronger.

Hermione finished sorting out her things before playing with Boo and allowing him to become accustomed to his new surroundings.

Feeling decidedly peckish, Hermione decided to heed to her stomach's warning and go down to dinner early. It had been a long trip from London, and the Liquorice Wands seemed to have digested a long time ago.

When Hermione got down to the Great Hall she noticed an owl, already at her usual place on Gryffindor table. Upon reaching said place, she was unconcerned to find the owl bearing a copy of the 'Evening Prophet'. However, what did cause some apprehension within her was the ominous black script at the top of the page.


Hermione whipped her body around to the Slytherin table and noticed that Astoria Burke was indeed not there. Hermione slid her eyes across the table to where Astoria's sister, Illiana usually sat with her friends. This spot was empty as well.

The Gryffindor supposed that Illiana had not wanted to come back to school when the fate of her beloved sister was apparantly unsure, despite the fact that she was in her seventh year and so close to finishing.

Sitting herself down at the table, Hermione scooped herself some mashed potatoes, and began to mindlessly shovel them into her mouth whilst simultaneously absorbing herself in the details of the article.

Apparently Astoria had gone for a trip to Diagon Alley over the Christmas break to do some last minute Christmas shopping. She had not returned home. According to the article, she was last seen near the junction that linked Diagon Alley to Knockturn Alley.

Beneath the article was an enlarged picture of Astoria with a caption underneath, a pleading cry from her parents asking for anyone with information about their daughter to come forward.

Hermione could not help but think that Astoria's last known whereabouts were a little suspicious, especially in the present climate. However, it did not entirely explain why she was not at Hogwarts at the present moment; in fact, it confused the matter even more.

Also according to the article (her parents were supposedly paying a lot of money for this), there was a team of aurors looking for her right at this very moment. If what Hermione suspected was true, the aurors would be very lucky to find this girl alive, if at all.


"I bid you a good evening Miss Potter"

Dumbledore gestured towards the chair opposite his desk.

"Good evening, Professor," replied Hermione, planting herself on the edge of the aforementioned seat.

Dumbledore sat opposite her, blue eyes piercing as ever, however, today they seemed to have lost their usual joy and jubilance.

"I trust that you have heard about the mystery surrounding Slytherin student Astoria Burke".

"Yes sir, it was on the front page of the 'Prophet' the other night, and it has remained a conversation piece since then, both within the paper and within the school."

Dumbledore's bushy brows furrowed at this, and the iridescent blue darkened slightly.

"It is always a terrible day when a student of Hogwarts is lost to those who relish the dark forces".

"Yes," said Hermione softly, as though she were deep in thought. Apparently she was, because she shook her head slightly as though trying to remember something from long ago.

"Sir? I can't help but feel a sense of déjà vu. I just have one question to ask, although you might not know the answer."

Hermione paused for a moment, trying to gather her thoughts one final time just in case there was an important clue that she may have missed.

"Was...Is Astoria Burke a pureblood?"

Dumbledore appeared perplexed by her question, however, he granted her the answer without flourish.

"Technically, the family is not of what you call pureblood, although they try to make it seem so, especially with the betrothal of their eldest daughter Illiana to Kieran Greengrass. The Greengrass family is most defiantly of 'pure blood'."

The name Greengrass stirred a long lost memory in Hermione. It took her back to her own sorting in 1991. If she remembered correctly there had been a Daphne Greengrass present. Daphne, she remembered had a younger sister: Astoria.

She wondered if there was any connection between the Astoria of her time and the Astoria that had been missing for several days in this time. Was it the same Astoria? Could this Astoria have time-travelled just as Hermione had? Did this mean that Hermione could time-travel once more and get back to the time from which she came?

But then again, it did not truly make sense. The Astoria of her time had the surname Greengrass, however, it was Illiana that was betrothed to a Greengrass.

Dumbledore seemed to think that Hermione had had enough time to think because he pressed on with the conversation.

"Miss Potter, I have reason to believe that I have found the location of another horcrux."

Hermione sucked in her breath at this statement that had been said so matter-of-factly by her headmaster. She assumed that this meeting was going to be a whole lot of talking and nothing else. She never expected him to have found another one so quickly.

"Therefore, Miss Potter," continued Dumbledore, "We will be visiting the vaults of Gringotts. You, having had much more experience in procuring that which does not belong to you, will be showing me the ropes, as it were. So for the next little while, I am your eager and willing pupil."

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