In Perpetuum [Harry Potter]

COMPLETED: Harry Potter Fanfiction. Hermione is sent back in time to the Marauder's Era. What will happen when she does not have Harry around to provide information and clues about Voldemort? Some Lily/James, Remus/OC.


30. Imperio



With one final flourish of her wand, Hermione was able to slip the sword of Godric Gryffindor into her beaded bag. She held in a deep breath as she took hold of Dumbledore's outstretched and awaiting arm.

The feeling of nausea and light-headedness seemed oddly familiar although Hermione had not experienced it for many years. It was accompanied by that bone-crushing feeling that, and no-matter how many times Hermione was subjected to it, she could never get used to.

In what felt like less than a second later, Hermione was able to right herself and proceeded to walk alongside Dumbledore, down Diagon Alley.

Despite the setting sun, there was just enough to make out the shop windows. Their owners were in the midst of covering up displays and putting up 'CLOSED' signs.

In all the time Hermione had spent in Diagon Alley, she had never quite gotten over the beauty of it and majestic quality it had. However, tonight they had a plan to follow, and for the sake of those she loved and those she had grown to love, Hermione had to see it through, and see it through properly.

The pair made it to the end of the Alley and were faced with the vivid white marble stairs of Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

With the greatest sense of trepidation, Hermione ascended the stairs. The goblin that was standing out the front bowed low as they entered.

Before a second goblin bowed them into the marble hall, Hermione caught the final few lines engraved onto the silver doors.

'Thieves you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there'

Hermione unconsciously shivered at that bit. Whilst her body no longer had any scars due to her last epic jaunt through Gringotts, her mind still remembered clearly, and she felt faint prickles where the white-hot metal had burned through her clothes.

Without the knowledge that she was doing it, Hermione held her breath as she and Dumbledore proceeded through the marble hall of the bank. She felt as if the goblins knew exactly what they were up to, and were just waiting to catch them red-handed, despite the fact that not one of them would be able to see Hermione. She was under the protection of a disillusionment charm that Dumbledore had cast whilst they were back at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore strode over to one of the unoccupied goblins and recited his well-practised lines.

"We are here to make a withdrawal from the vault of Dumbledore."

The goblin gave the Professor an odd look before speaking, almost callously.

"No one has been in that vault for decades. Not since the death of Kendra."

"I thought it about time I sorted a few things out," said Dumbledore cheerfully, despite the mention of his, now deceased, mother.

"Right," said the goblin, staring right through the invisible Hermione, "well then, follow me."

Together, the goblin and Dumbledore climbed into one of the Gringotts carts. Hermione followed behind rather closely, not wanting to be left behind.

The cart whipped and turned, moving deeper and deeper. The vaults of the Dumbledore family must have been very old and very well-protected to be down here.

Finally the cart came to a rest and Hermione, feeling slightly ill, followed Dumbledore and the goblin to the door of the vault.

The goblin pressed a finger to the door, and Hermione watched as it melted away at his touch.

Hermione's eyes widened as she saw the piles of gold heaped into every corner of the room.

Dumbledore pulled out a small, velvet pouch and scooped a few gold coins into it.

Hermione moved to be next to him.

"Sir?" she whispered, almost breathing out the word for dear of the goblin hearing. Fortunately for her, the coins in the pouch rattled at that point and any noise she made could have been easily masked.

"You have my permission," said Dumbledore. He frowned slightly at the minimal effort that was required on Hermione's part to Imperius the goblin, however, he made no comment.

The goblin's face smoothed over so that there was no trace of expression on it. With another tap of the wand, the goblin lead them back to the cart, swaying slightly as he walked (the door re-materialised as they left the vault).

One further tap of Hermione's wand sent them hurtling down, deeper under London, into the most ancient and well-protected vaults.

Hermione and Dumbledore endured a few more minutes of twisting and turning before Hermione spotted a cascade of water up ahead.

"Oh no!" she whispered. She had forgotten to mention the 'thief's downfall' to her headmaster. The disillusionment charm would be washed off her and they would be catapulted from the cart.

Hermione thought quickly as she brandished her wand. She made sure that the Imperius curse on the goblin was as strong as ever, despite the fact that if they went under the water, the curse would indeed be lifted.

Dumbledore too noticed the deluge of water up ahead, and had pulled out his own wand. Hermione suspected that he had employed a number of charms to keep them safe, and although she did not hear Dumbledore say anything, she felt the magic sweep through the air and make all the hair on her body stand on end.

They approached the waterfall at increasing speeds. Hermione felt like the last few seconds before they hit, went faster than time was supposed to go. She clenched her hand around the thin stick of wood that was her only weapon, fully preparing herself to cast a cushioning charm as they would go sailing thought the air.

The intense wetness hit her face first, drenching all her clothes and flowing down her back, however, she did not feel herself being pulled from the cart. In fact, the cart continued its journey down the tracks, in the same fashion as before.

Hermione looked over at Dumbledore in disbelief, eyes on his snowy-white beard which was plastered around his face.

"An undetectable charm, Miss Potter, not unlike the one you placed on your bag earlier this evening."

The only noise that Hermione was capable of making was a very small, 'oh!' as Dumbledore waved his wand over the both of them to siphon off the water. Hermione settled back as best she could and let the cart continue its journey.

Finally, they were able to reach the Lestrange vaults. With a little help from her wand, Hermione was able to persuade the goblin to open the vault.

A quick 'lumos' allowed all the glittering possessions of the Lestrange family to be thrown into sharp relief.

Hermione moved her wand to a point above her head so that the beam of light could be spread over a larger area.

The treasures of the vault were set out almost the same as they would be set out in the future. The only difference was the size of the pile of gold coins (it was considerably larger in the present), and the placement of a few suits of armour, emerald tiaras and the like.

The back wall held a number of shelves in place, and each of them boasted an exorbitant number of jewels and treasures.

Hermione looked around on every shelf, through every pile and in every nook and cranny.

She could not find the cup.

She began to search more frantically. Her foot accidently hit against a golden goblet and about twenty more exploded out of it.

As one final, desperate measure, she called out.

"Accio Hufflepuff cup! Accio Horcrux!"

Not a single object zoomed out for her to catch.

Careful not to touch anything, she moved closer to Dumbledore.

"I can't see it anywhere. Are you sure it is here?"

"It is possible that I have been mistaken," said Dumbledore with a grave expression on his face.

"What do we do now!" cried Hermione softly.

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