My Grandparents Love Story (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Gwen never knew her Grandfather Niall Horan.. Well not untill her Grandmother Katie gave Gwen a book about her love life. Will Katie learn the true meaning of forever and find out who was in the famous boyband One Direction?


1. Prologue.


This is my first book on Movellas and I'm soo happy right now!! This book is aready on wattpad and Yes it is mine.. I have the same usernames for both websites. Love you guyss!!   -Valerie Xxx *********************************     Prologue.     Year 2085. The box arrived on a snowy night three weeks before Christmas. The box was neatly wrapped in brown paper, sitting alone in the mailbox when I arrived home with the children.   I brought it inside the house and watched the children play before opening it. And when the time came to open it a little note was attached to the box. I hesitated to read it because I immediately knew who it belonged too.   My grandmother Katie. She was going to send me a gift from my birthday but never did. She passed away a week ago. My mother must have sent me the box. I looked at the note carefully before picking it up and reading it.    Dear Gwen, I know you always wanted to know about my love life, about your grandfather Niall. You always asked about him when you were a young girl but I would never kiss and tell.   But since I know my time to leave is coming I wouldn't let you wait any longer. Here's the love story you always wanted dear. Enjoy. Oh and Happy Birthday Gwen.     Love Always- Granny Katie  
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