TO ARCHIE PATERSON'S RELIEF, the unexpected sight of a sign which read 'DINER', was lit up in the headlights of his car as it slowly rounded the bend in the narrow, single track road. With its engine spluttering, the cars engine conked out just a few meters away from the entrance to the Diner's car park, Archie took out his cell phone and and called the breakdown service. Explaining that his car had run out of petrol he gave the receptionist the location of where he'd thought they'd broken down. After switching off the phone he had a puzzled look on his face, but didn't say anything about it to his wife Margie at the time. Bundling their two shivering children out of the car, Archie and Margie ushered them along in front of them. And stomping through the snow with their heads bowed against the blinding blizzard they reached the Diner. Opening the door, the family fell inside; brushed the snow off their clothes, and sat down in a booth adjacent to the counter. Taking a deep breath, Archie looked daggers at his wife before starting in on her...

      'We should have stayed on the motorway, but you would insist on taking the so-called scenic route! "Let the kids see the countryside of old England before it all disappears under concrete", that's what you said wasn't it? Yeah, I know it wasn't light and wasn't snowing when we left home, but that's not the point is it Margie? Thanks to your great idea we've been driving around for the last couple of hours without any clue as to where we are! If you'd listened to me and filled up the tank with petrol after you'd picked up the kids like I told you to, we wouldn't have run out and---- Waddaya mean you forgot in the rush to get home! Typical. Anyway, we've gotta make the best of it now, and wait here until the breakdown service arrives. That is, if the driver can find the place! Funny thing was-the operator said they didn't have any record of this Diner, or cafe. Not surprising really, it's well out of the way. Still, you would have thought that, er... Oh well, not to worry; she did say that the signal put us about three miles off the motorway, so we shouldn't have to wait too long. No more than an hour she reckons! Okay kids, look at the menu and tell mummy what you want to eat... No Abby, I don't think they serve hamburgers and chips... Just choose from the--- Never mind I'll order for all of us. Sandwiches and tea okay? I don't think we'd better eat anything cooked, not unless we wanna end up with food poisoning. I mean, just take a look at this dump, no wonder there aren't any other customers,' he whispered behind a cupped hand.

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