In The Dark

Achlys Boarding School seems like a just an ordinary school (with maybe a few exceptions). Yet looks can be deceiving...

Comments are extremely welcome, and at the moment I'd rather hear criticism rather than praise as I'm currently trying to improve it!

Thank you x


1. Welcome to my Life...


We marched in unison like a large colony of ants rushing to their nest. Left, right, left, right. The only difference was that we weren't simply walking home; we could only wish. Every person’s face was streaked with the same emotions- distress, distraught. What was going to happen to us? Were they literally leading us right to our deaths?


“Miss Kathryn Montgomery, what on earth do you think you’re doing?”

My eyes fluttered open as my loose grasp on the boiling tube finally gave way, resulting in the tinkling sound only caused by smashing glass. A dark shadow was being cast upon me by the rather large figure of the notorious science teacher Mrs. Webb. Most children around my age would be grimacing at the fact of their teacher’s calling upon their parents about the disgraceful behavior of their children. Luckily (or unfortunately depending on how you think of it), I didn’t have to suffer at the disapproving hand of parents. Both because I was enrolled at a boarding school and they were dead. Most people would give me a sympathetic glance and a shake of their head, yet if I was looking for sympathy, this wouldn't be the right place- everybody was an orphan here.  My mind wondered as Mrs. Webb went through the usual criteria of how my behavior had dropped so low that I would even think of sleeping during one of her lessons. The bell rang shrilly, stopping my train of thought, forcing me to pack up and carry on with my day of predictable activities. 


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