💋I Should Of Kissed You💋

Liam has now lost his chance with a beautiful girl named Katie Shores. If he would have kissed her, they would be together forever. But now she's with some guy named Luke Benword. Can Liam win her back?


3. Liam's pov.

Awhile later, Katie and I did everything together, and I mean everything. We ate together, we played together;we had so many play dates, I have no clue how many.
As days passed by we got closer, and closer, I started to like her, more than a friend. I think she liked me as well, every time I went to her house her room was filled with pictures of us, together.
Once we got older (16,17) I asked her to meet me at the park ASAP. I thought it was the right time to tell her I wanted to be something more than friends, instead of Liam Payne and Katie Shores, we can be Liam and Katie.
After I admitted I liked her, she told me she liked me too. I leaned in for a kiss, she leaned in as well, but then I backed away, and ran home. Don't ask why, at that age I was a screwed up mess.
After I went on British X Factor and met Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall, I never saw Katie again. I know, I should of kissed her.
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