💋I Should Of Kissed You💋

Liam has now lost his chance with a beautiful girl named Katie Shores. If he would have kissed her, they would be together forever. But now she's with some guy named Luke Benword. Can Liam win her back?


2. Katie's pov.

Liam, Liam, Liam. His name kept replaying in my head. Ugh. Liam. I miss him. I have no clue what happened. Actually I do know what happened. Luke happened. Luke Benword, my sweet, caring, loving, smart Luke Benword. Liam is just like him being sweet and smart and all that stuff. You wanna know what happened? Liam.
Liam and I could of been a couple, I actually thought I had feelings him. We went to the park and then it started raining when Liam leaned in for a kiss. I leaned in to but he backed away. "I'm sorry, I just, I- um gotta go." He said to me. And then he ran away. Then Luke found me and we just-um clicked.
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