The Sweetest Goodbye...

Narry one shot called 'The Sweetest Goodbye' by: sass_queen_ || instagram


2. The Sweetest Goodbye Chapter 2

"Guys, where's Harry?" Niall panted, his words dripping with anxiety. Sweat droplets formed on his forehead as his ocean blue eyes squinted into worried oval shapes.
"He's in the bathroom, he's not feeling well". Paul said, as he looked at his watch with concern.
"There's only five minutes until the show, what are we gonna do Paul?" Niall asked in confusion.
"Well, he's feeling really bad but the show must go on I guess...Zayn take Harry's solo's and Liam back him up". The boys nodded in agreement.
"Wait wait Paul what do you mean he's feeling really bad?? I can't...I mean we can't go out there without him!" Niall added. His hands were clenched together into fists by now as he peeked through the velvet red curtains. '2000 people...jeez that's a lot' Niall thought to himself. He thought a lot and when he was thinking Harry could usually tell and would reassure him that everything would be ok, but this time Harry wasn't there for him.
"Niall we can do it without him don't worry about it. It'll be like every other night". Paul was starting to get annoyed with Niall. They'd done a concert without Zayn before so why was Niall so anxious about Harry not being there? Liam and Zayn were practising together, they're delicate voices uniting as one and Louis was going over the words in his head just wishing the long awaited show would start already. But Niall was not ready, Niall was not prepared in any physical or emotional sense. "Ok guys we're starting in 5..." Paul shouted. Niall was standing anxiously backstage waiting for the big strawberry coloured curtains to open. The colour of the curtains was how Niall was feeling, red. Red like a balloon drifting away in the sky but not peacefully...into a dark place where Nialls emotions sat scattered around his head. He was anxious again. "4...3.." Paul shouted. Niall started to feel sick. "2...1.." The curtains began to open, the roar of the thirsty crowd filled the boys' ears but Niall couldn't take it. He didn't have his best friend, standing next to him. He didn't know how his best friend was or if he needed help. Niall ran off stage, puffing and sweating into the bathroom where Harry, a mere eighteen year old was lying on the floor. Niall's whole body was in confusion, his head shaking, what had happened? What had he done to himself? Why couldn't I have helped? Thoughts and emotions ran wild through Nialls brain as he flipped Harry over to see his arm dripping with his soul, his blood splattered on the floor and Niall could see in it his reflection, the reflection of what a bad friend Niall had been. To let Harry do this to himself. And most of all, not knowing about it.
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