The Sweetest Goodbye...

Narry one shot called 'The Sweetest Goodbye' by: sass_queen_ || instagram


1. The Sweetest Goodbye Chapter 1

The sweetest goodbye


Silence. The look in his fragile, strained, red eyes said it all. As he wiped another from his tear stained cheek, he closed his eyes. He could feel the warmth of his partners gentle fingers intertwining with his, he could hear his sweet, delicate whisper echo through his ear. 'I love you'. Then reality hit. He opened his eyes and no longer could he feel the warmth spirit of his partner. It had suddenly been stripped from him. He tried to hold on with his blistered hands but the feeling wasn't there anymore. No matter how hard he tried, he knew he couldn't get it back. The feeling of life, the feeling of having someone that couldn't compare to anybody else, the feeling of love, peace and serenity within the soul. His stressed mind wondered if he would ever get the feeling back. He would. One day when he would finally be at peace with the world, and at peace with himself he would join his partner in a better place where he could finally get that feeling back. But he couldn't wait that long. He was only twenty, and his shattered heart had finally experienced the pain and sufferring that it needed to by now. It was time for him to learn what real hurt felt like, all those ex girlfriends and skinned knees didn't mean anything now. They couldn't compare to losing the most important person in the world. Once again he looked into his partners grey, lifeless eyes remembering all the joy he had brought him. How without him he might not be sitting here in front of his companion. Hell, he might not have even made it to be the tender age of eighteen if it wasn't for his love that saved him, saved his soul, saved his heart.
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