VAMPIRE versus VAMPIRE!!!!!!

When two vampires goes against each Other...... oh. ITS WARRR


1. falling apart!

These two vampire are close friends that been together for over 1,000,000 years,is like them against the world ,meet these vamps Stacy and dani.They faced problems together and learn from the best of each other.


 Stacy happily skipped toward dani in the forest.

dani: what put you in a happy mood.


vampires: "huh"

dani: "so who is ..............WAIT DID YOU JUST SAY HARRY STYLES".

Stacy: yeah why what's wrong

dani: um......... I hope this doesn't ruin our uh"

Stacy: what you can tell me am not going to be angry at you I promise x

dani:" well I kinda like him too, are we cool "

Stacy:WHAT! HIS MINE!!! (jumps on dani and bites her leg)

dani:OUCH!! you promised ,you wont be angry (pushes her)

Stacy:......well......promises are there to be broken and leave my guy alone!

dani:"Its war ........ME and YOU and by the way harry is mine OKAY!"(spits at stacey and walks away).

Jake: no one is save if these two are fighting! vampires against each other. (brother of Stacy)

Anthony: this is too funny man who would've ever knew Stacy and dani would fight in a million years>.< (jakes friend)

Stacy: get lost anthony (slaps his head)

jake:stacy we have to go home noe, lets go.

Stacy: okay,calm down 

(everyone went their own way Stacy is angry still and wants dani as her dinner tonight we all knew there's no such thing as "forever" there friendships gone after 1,000,000 years.)





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