What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


15. Where from here?

It has been 5 months, since I have fell pregnant, well.. From the day I found out, really. I'm 6 months. The boys watch out for me each day, making sure the baby stays safe, which is silly, I'm a grown woman, well. Almost, I'm 17 years old, and everything seems under control.

"babe" Niall spoke as he walked through the front door, "I'm here" I laughed waiting in the kitchen, placing all the dishes in the cupboards, "sit down baby, I'll do all that" he said as he walked in placing his arms around my waist, leaving his hands cupped around my belly, "she's getting bigger" Niall chuckled as he kissed my neck, "that she is" I replied turning around to see Niall staring at me, "I cant fit into any clothes, I had to wear your shirt" I sighed, "don't stress " he replied, kissing my cheek. "your beautiful" he smiled, "now go sit down" he smiled, "you guys, news to stop stressing, I feel fine" I spoke as I turned to continue. "if I have to carry you, and tape you to the chair, I will " Niall laughed, as I rolled my eyes, he cupped his hands around me as walked towards the lounge room, and gently placed me in the couch, "how's the lovely lady" the boys walked through the door, I rolled my eyes as they all surrounded the food cuboard, not long after, they all sat around me, not taking their eyes off of me, "what?" I asked as I try to rub my face. "look, belle" Harry started, clearing his throat, "us boys, have been called to ireland for a month and a half" he continued, I looked down and placed my hand on my belly, "I get it, and I can't go" I spoke, keeping my emotions out of it, "if she's not going, I'm not" Niall mumbled, "dude-" Liam spoke, "no, don't start" Niall spoke in a loud tone, "I'm not just going to leave her here, when she's pregnant with my baby, if something happens, we won't know" he almost yelled. All the boys fell silent, and started towards the floor, "Niall" I mumbled, "you should go, you boys were big with out me, I'm not going to stop you, you don't need to worry about me" I mumbled, "but we do" louis stepped in, "nialls got a point" he added. "no" I spoke as I stood up and walked towards the bathroom door, "you guys should start packing" I spoke as tears poured out, "stupid hormones " I mumbled loud enough for them to hear wiping away the tears. I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, and watched as my stomach stood out, turning me into a lump, I'm not just going to stop them from there dreams, that's not what I intended. "baby, open up" Niall said knocking, I opend the door, and wiped away my tears, as Niall pulled me into a tight hug, "please. Don't cry angel" he mumbled, "I love you" he said as he rubbed his hands through my hair, "I love you too" I cried, as I hear the sighs of the boys behind, I walked out and hugged them all as they smiled,

"ugh" I groaned cupping my stomach, "what is it?" they say, as they run towards me, "it's.. Kicking" I spoke as Niall placed a hand on it, he smiled and laughed at the same time, as the bod also felt "wow" they all mumbled. "I don't think I can go.." Harry mumbles.
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