What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


12. True talent.

I take niall's phone out of his pocket, as he sleeps against the window, 
I scroll down his twitter, reading messages from his fans, asking him to follow them, as I scroll down, i see questions about him, "Is she really your girlfriend Niall?" .. "where did you meet her?" ect. I take a photo of niall, sleeping. posting it on twitter, with a caption. "Guess who fell asleep, and left his twitter open for Belle to hack" .. I scrolled down and started following every person i saw in the mentions, for at least 10 minuets, until Niall woke up, I shoved the phone next to his pocket, as he looks at me and smiles with blood shot eyes, "You been awake this hole time?" he asked, taking his phone and opening it. "Belle!" he laughed, showing me his phone with him sleeping all over twitter, "Had to do something to keep me entertained" I laughed, poking his cheek. "I actually look attractive in that photo" he said, nodding his head. "Yes, Niall. yes" I laughed. "Please, get a room" Harry mumbled from behind us. "Im sure you'd like that" niall said throwing a pillow over the seat, a little smirk grew over harry's face as the pillow hit him, "Maybe" he replied laughing softly as he woke up , "Do i look sexy?" He asked, winking towards Niall, "yes, harry. you're a beast" niall replied, as i coughed awkwardly, "im sure you two need that room" I laughed as i looked infront of me to see Zayn snoring, "Do you have a marker?" i asked, facing the boys. "I do, Why?" Harry said handing me it, "you'll see" i laughed as i unclipped my seat belt and walked towards Zayn, and drew all over his face, "he's going to kill you.." Louis spoke, snorting. "he can't hurt a girl" I smirked, as i threw harry the marker, walking towards the bathroom. "I'll be right back" I smiled, closing the door behind me. 

I looked at myself in the mirror, fixing my hair, and re- applying my make up, smiling at myself."that's better" I whispered into the mirror, as I pressed the flush button, opening the door, seeing Zayn standing right there, "I'll be right back" I said as I ran back into the toilet bathroom and locked the door, "Now where are you going to go?" Zayn spoke, through the door, tapping on it. "Stay in here" i replied, tapping back. as the boys laughed from behind him. "im so dead" i mumbled, I sat on the ledge of the bathroom, and waited for zayn to back away so i could leave.

"he's gone now babe" Niall spoke through the door, "I don't think so" I laughed. "fine, let me in" niall replied, i walked towards the door and opened it, niall came in quickly and locked it behind him, as he came towards me smiling. "You're looking beautiful" he chuckled. "But" he added, "you'd look amazing, with out that make up" he spoke, rubbing his hand across my cheek, wiping it away. as I blushed, He giggled as he kissed my neck, running his hand across my hip, "the boys will suspect something if were in here" I giggled, leaning across the wall, "Trust me" he spoke as he breathed against my neck. "they have done much worse, you obviously haven't met harry" he said raising his eyebrows, rubbing his finger across my lips, as he came in closer and planted a kiss on my lips, "I love you" he muttered as he smiled. "I love you too" I giggled, getting nervous. "what's wrong?" he asked, placing his hand on my cheek. "nothing's wrong" I said, as i smiled, his eyes were amazing. the way they shine, when they stare at you,  it just makes you forget where you are, "Then?" he asked smiling. as he kissed my lips and pushed me up against the wall, 

Niall held my hand, as we walked out of the bathroom, back to our seats, with harry staring at us, with a smirk on his face, giving niall a thumbs up as niall punched him on the shoulder, "wooo, Niall!" harry shouted, "My man!" he added. I felt my cheeks burn red, as i let out a laugh, "ignore him,  just wait until he does it, then you can give him hell" niall laughed, "Anyway" Harry said, clearing his throat. "This show, its going to be one of our biggest, are we all prepared?" he asked, looking towards the boys, "Yeah" they all replied. "Good, 10 minuets until landing, the police will lead us towards the back, so we dont get caught up with fans, then we will head straight there, and start rehearsing" Harry smiled, "Sounds good" Zayn said, smiling. "That's freaky" louis spoke from behind us. "What?" i asked. "the fans know when were landing" he laughed. "there very dedicated" liam smiled. as he looked out the window, "it's crazy" Zayn said, as he put on his seat belt, "were landing, put your's on" he spoke Walking through the stadium to the stage, seemed like forever, pictures of all the artist's that had performed here, along the walls, and too see niall, and the boys on there, makes me get goosebumps, i can already here the fans screaming from the outside, and the show is 6 hours away.


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