What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


17. To good to be true (plot twist)

"Belle?" I heard as someone shrugged me, "Wake up Belle" as it whispered again, I opened my eyes, seeing a blur of Niall in the corner of my eye, "Jenna?" i mumble, as i look around the room. "Who's Jenna?" He says, as he turns on the lamp, "Belle?" he asks, "Just a dream" I whispered, "It felt, real" I whispered to myself once again, "What did you dream?" Niall asked, "I heard you mumble a few things, thats it" he confessed as he smiled, I shook my head in disbelief, "Should of known" i said, As i rolled out of bed and stormed into the bathroom.


"Come on belle, open the door" I say as i turn the knob, "Niall?" Louis said as he walked through the door, followed by Harry and the boys, "Everything OK?" harry asked, stretching his arms, "It's belle, she was mumbling this stuff, in her sleep, then woke up, and freaked out" I replied, as i turned away from the door, as the knob turned and opened, Belle walked out with tears strolling down her cheek, "Belle, tell us whats wrong?" Zayn said, walking in the room. "It was just a dream, that i wish were real" she laughed, "It's silly, really" She added, wiping away her tears, "Silly enough to make you cry? I don't think so" harry added. "tell us" Liam spoke, "or were not leaving this room" louis laughed.

its been an hour, since belle told us about her dream, leaving us all clueless. "Im sure it will be real one day" Louis added, cheerfully. "Yeah" I say, as I run my hand through belle's hair, "don't worry baby" I add, as I turn her head and kiss her, ""Well, clearly, it's 3 am, and we should all go back to bed, and get sleep" Harry said, rubbing his eyes. "all you do is sleep" Niall laughed, "Not enough" harry mumbled as he stumbled beside us back to his bedroom, "Talk in the morning" He said before he closed his door. "Come on" I said as i got up  leading my hand out to belle, she smiled as she grabbed my hand as i pulled her close.

"In some ways, i wish your dream were true" I confess, as belle lays beside me, She let out a smile, "you're so beautiful" I say as i run my hand across hear cheek, As I pull her close, leaving her lay on top of me, she smiles, and kisses me, "I take it you're not tired?" I ask, as she kisses me again, "No?" I add, leaving me on top of her.


-Harrys POV-"Big night last night Lad?" I wink, as niall walks out with bags under his eyes, "Shut up" he mumbles, as he walks straight to the kitchen, "It's past Niall's eating time" Liam laughed, "that it is" Niall replied, walking out with a piece of toast, "So, what time did you guys get to sleep?" I ask, as niall stares at me, "Pretty late" niall winked and walked past all of us back into the bedroom, "I think... her dream, was the future" Louis spoke, as we all laughed.


Sorry its short!! I have to go to bed :) 

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