What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


9. Official.

I couldn't help myself, but smile. "I guess, uh" I mumbled. "We should sit" He whispered back, smiling. He led me to the table chosen closest to the window, and sitting beside me, "So" He said Shuffling in his seat, "Thank you" I mumbled. He looked at me with confusing, then smiled. "For?" He asked. "Well, for starters" I started off, "For taking me in, You know, you and the boys didn't have to, but you did" I finished. "Trust me, the moment i saw you, I knew something was wrong" He replied, "No need to thank me" he smiled, 


"So, how do you find all of this, i mean, being famous and all" I asked out of curiousity with the waves crashing upon the sand beside us, "For me, its normal" Niall spoke, "Not at first though, i mean i was so used to being a normal teenager with a couple of friends, being stupid at school with out any worries" He continued. "and know" he said with a sigh, throwing the rock against the sand. "I have, the whole world, that knows my name, not all that like me, but i guess thats a part of it" He said smiling "But, aye. I have 5 Best friends  that are like brothers to me, know. I have a whole fanbase, that will support me through everything  and now.. i have you" He finished, I smiled, feeling my cheeks flush. He laughed and placed his arm softly around my waist. He Put his head closer to mine, With our lips almost touching, Interupted by His phone, Niall sighed, "Im sorry" he mumbled as he dug his hands around in his pockets, "Hello?" He answered, "Nope, were at the beach, see you in 10" He sighed as he hung up the phone, He looked at me and grabbed his jacket and placed it around my shoulders softly, getting up and putting his hand out, I chuckled and grabbed on to it as he pulled me up pulling me into a hug, "there on there way" He mumbled into my ear, I followed niall, keeping close.

"Is that Niall?" Someone screamed. Niall sighed, "Stay behind me" He demanded. I held on to his hand tight as fans ran towards us holding out camera's, phones. and paper with pens, "Niall, is that your girlfriend?!" someone screamed He kept his head down looking on the grownd, "Come on harry" he mumbled. "Please, just one picture" A girl screamed. He looked at me, I nodded in approval, "go on" I smiled. He let go of my hand and walked towards the fans, "Group photo" He approved, Everyone got in a huddled group and handed me their cameras, I laughed and niall stood infront of them all and smiled, By the end of it, I had taken about 50 pictures, And niall walked towards me, looking relieved. He grabbed on to my hand again and leaded me towards a black SUV. Harry put down the window, "come on niall, you can make it!" he shouted with sarcasm. He saw the fans behind us chasing us towards the car and flew open the door so Niall and I could jump in, "Hurry" Louis shouted. we got in Shutting the door behind us, liam taking off and Zayn laughing. "100 Pictures later" Niall laughed. "Sorry Bro, Had to pit stop and get louis Food" Liam laughed..

"Stop it!" I laughed as the boys constantly threw popcorn all over me, "Im not cleaning it up" I laughed again, they all looked at each other, "Bags Not" Harry laughed. "Diffidently Not!" Niall squealed. we all looked at Liam who was sitting calmly in the corner of the couch, he suddently stopped laughing "not cool" he said with sarcasm coming towards me cleaning it up, Niall started and smiled, He motioned for me to come to him, I picked up my Blacket and sat next to him,

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