What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


20. Morning sickness.

"Alright, where's my sister in law?" Harry cheered coming down the stairs, Niall groaned in annoyance as his arm tightened around me. I playfully hit him in his side and he faked his pain. "Over here" I rolled my eyes as harry pulled me into a hug. "Niall" I whined as he pulled harry off of me playfully. "The lady is tired" I laughed and harry frowned. "You're night is not over yet, belle" he spoke. "Perve" I complained as I hurried myself up the stairs.

I removed my clothing and dropped it to the floor as I let the warm water take me, I ran my hands through my hair and let the water make its way through my brown locks. "Belle" Niall called, I instantly wrapped my arms around my body and stood in the far corner as he walked into the bathroom and frowned. "Seriously, Iv'e seen you naked before" he snorted and i felt myself flush. "Stop covering yourself belle" he ordered and pulled his shirt over his head. I removed my arms slowly and let them fall to mysides and niall removed his clothing and stood before me. His arms sneaked up my back  and pulled me closer, the gap between us was closed as he leaned in placing a soft kiss to my forehead. "Mrs.Belle horan" he winked, and I laughed. "sound's very proffecional" I winked, "I can tell you're having bad thoughts about yourself belle:" he frowned and I shook my head. "I'll have to punish you if you keep it up" he smirked and I whiped my thoughts out of my head compleatly.


Niall was creeping through his twitter, as I held my book over my face closing out the light, I shuffled closer to warmth radiating off of his body and rested my head on his shoulders. I heard him place his phone beside him on the bedside table and flip me over so i was on top of him. "i was actually comftorble" I complained as he stroked his hand through my brown curls. I heard him mutter some lyrics under his breath as I smile took over my face. his voice was beautiful, like an angel.


"Wake up!" Louis shouted as he threw a pillow, landing on my stomach. "Go away" I complained, turning my onto my side feeling my eyes grow heavy again. "Belle, honey wake up" Niall whispered, running his hand along my side. "I dont want to" I argued and threw a pillow over my head. I heard his low chuckle as he cupped his arms around my waist and lifted me bridal style. "Niall!" I yelled, "I guess I'll just have to pull you along in your night clothes" he smirked and I frowned. "I'll be 5 minutes" I murmured and he placed me down. "Good girll" he laughed and I rushed to the wardrobe. i placed some short legged skinny jeans on, stepping into my flats. I chucked a modern green hoodie over my short singlet and paced out finding niall waiting for me. "Ready to go slow coach?" he smirked and I rolled my eyes. "Someone is moody today" he laughed under his breath.

We pulled up after being chased by a bunch of crazy fans, the boys laughter filled up the van as I flaced my arms over my eyes blocknig out the light. Niall started to look concerned and i waved him off. "I'll be fine, just tired" I murmured before my stomach started fighting me. "How long until we arive?" I asked, covering my mouth with my hand holding it tightly. "I think we should pull over" Liam said concerned, I heard niall and harry muttering a conversation under their breath before harry blurted out. "Belle, when was your last period?" he asked and i almost choked. "dude!" niall snapped. "Well" harry shrugged. I thought about it and I had been 3 weeks late. 'Im 3 weeks late" I shrugged and niall coughed. I chuckled at his reaction before stepping out of the van letting my stomach empty. I felt my eyes burn up in disgust. niall stood there holding my hair back. "Don't watch" I complained and he didn't move. "Im not going anywhere baby" he murmered before placing me back into the van.



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