What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


14. Morning sickness.

I was now alone, in the boys appartment in new york, whilst there out doing photoshoots, I haven't eaten in a day, my stomach felt like it was upside down, coming and going every morning, Harry is the only one that has seemed to notice the sickness, the others are to busy fooling around, "You know" Someone spoke coming up behind me, "You should go test" Harry said, handing me a pregnancy test, "shouldnt you be out?" I asked, holding my stomach, "Yes, figures this is more importaint right now" he replied, "Now  go" he said, "iv'e only got 10 minuets, and you need to tell niall" he said, closing the door behind me, waiting outside.

"You think its done yet? i asked, biting my nails. "i hope so, iv'e declined 5 calls from the boys" he replied as I walked into the bathroom, "It's.." I spoke, "It's positive" I finished, holding my stomach, "Looks like we have a little Niall in there" Harry laughed, "You should come with me" he said, pulling out his keys, "Niall really does need to know" he finished, closing the door behind us.

"Niall" I called, as he looked around, shocked that i was there, "Hey baby" He replied, pulling me into a hug. "I need to talk to you..alone" I told him, as curiousity took over his face, "sure" he replied, as he led me into the backroom, "This morning, i took a pregnancy test and.." I spoke, taking a breath, "Im pregnant" I told him, A huge smile took over his face, "You're not mad?" I asked, my heart beat slowed down a little, "Of course not!" he spoke, hugging me tight.

The boys were all supportive, as Niall held my hair every morning, until the sickness worn off, "You alright?" Louis asked, holding his phone up to his face, turning his attention to me, "yeah im fine" I replied, "Im scared on what the fans will think" I mumbled, "Im just going to hide indoors for 9 months" I spoke, looking up. "Rubbish" Liam and louis spoke at the same time, "Belle, there our fans, not our mothers" Harry said, walking into the living room. "If you and Niall want to keep the baby, then thats your's and nialls choice, not theirs" he added on, smiling. "I guess" I replied, as Niall came up behind me rapping his arms around me, Kissing my neck. "Guys, were still here" Louis coughed, throwing the pillow at Niall, as he laughed. I felt my cheeks burn up as i hid my face looking on the floor, "Please, Harry, you'e done much worse" Niall winked as he threw it back, Harry laughed "I didn't say stop?" he smirked as he cuddled the cushion. I let out a chuckle as i looked up and there all laughing. "Well, were going to be one big family" I smiled, and they all nodded. "Anyway, belle" Niall spoke, breaking the silence, "Me, you. Tonight, date" he said, as he twirled me around. "Right" I laughed as i playfully pushed him away. All the boys looked at each other as they knew what was going on, and here i stood, not knowing a thing.



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