What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


13. Forgive me.


All day, niall has not spoke to me, eyeing me off. as were the boys, what have i done? I took out my phone and decided to scroll down twitter feeds, seeing the first trend on the side, "Belle cheats on niall" My eyes opened wide as i clicked the link, to see a photo holding hands with a boy that i have never seen before, I laughed. "I know what this is about" i spoke. as they rose there heads, i showed them the phone. "you honestly believe, that i would cheat?!" i spoke, trying to keep my voice down. "It's there, isn't it" louis replied, as niall sighed and looked out the window, "right, seems you're all gullible, and believe your fans over everything, i guess i'll get my stuff and leave right?" I shouted. "because you boys obviously haven't heard of photoshop, and niall, i thought you were better than that, honestly." I spoke as I shoved past them into my bedroom, hearing there sighs. "Hope your happy" I speak as i throw my phone agaisnt the wall and pack all my things, "time to go back home" I say, "to my step dad" I laughed. I picked up my luggage and opened the door, struggling to pick it up. "where are you going?" Liam asked. "where do you think? back to my house" i spoke opening the front door, "To your step dad?" zayn asked. "yeah, zayn, he does live there you know" i spat, closing the door behind me. running down the halls, letting tears run down my cheeks, I hold out my hand, and call for the closest taxi, to see if one actually stop, as people stare, i roll my eyes and place my luggage into the cab, as my phone buzzed,    Forgive me, Belle don't get on that plane. i love you, please just.. i don't want you to go home to your step dad, i was a fool to believe them. we all were, im watching you now.. please come back   I shook my head, wiping the tears away from my eyes, I don't want to go back there, I just made a fool out of myself, infront of them, well.. not really, they choose to believe rumors, and i wont be around when the next rumor about me shows up, I jump into the cab, and the man turns to me. "Where to Ma'm?" he asks, us i studder out of my day dream, he's waiting for an answer, 'oh, um the airport please" I say, as i fake a smile. "very, well" he replied as he turned towards the wheel    "That will be $50 for today" he spoke as he turned around as i gave him a 50 dollar bill. 'thanks' i say, as i grab my things and walk into the airport with hundreds of people staring, i wonder what the next story about me is going to be? 'Belle gets dumped' ha, what a joke. I give my ticket to the lady, as she directs me on to the airplane, and to my seat. I checked my phone before flicking it on to airplane mode. and there it had, 15 missed calls from all of them, and texts saying 'Please belle, dont go, he hurt you remember' I rolled my eyes as i flicked to the last one, 'if you go, we are all coming after you' and then i sat there frozen.    Standing infront of my bare house, breathing loudly , feeling my heart beat out of my chest, i walked towards the door, maybe he's changed? maybe he isn't violent anymore? I opened the door, (typical) and there he was, sitting on his living room couch, drinking his beer, watching football, and he turned to see who i was, "well" he spoke. "if you look who it is?" he laughed as he rose from his seat, "what makes you think you have a right here?" he smirks, "if you remember, you moved in to MY house, with MY mother" I spoke eyeing him off. and he laughed, "yes, well thats before she died, and i was left paying the bills" he smiled. "pitty. if only you saved half the money you spend on getting yourself wasted, maybe you could buy your own house. And there it was, I was on the floor, Crying. "You're not staying here" he shouted, as he kicked me in the stomach. "You don't belong here" he yelled again, as he kicked me again. "You're worthless" he laughed, as i cried for help. "Where's your little crew? huh" he laughed as he bent down to my level. "who's going to save you?" he said, slurring his words, I got up and kicked him in the stomach, and punched him in the face. "You should no never to hit a girl!" i shouted, as i kicked him again. "Stop" he shouted, as he laughed, but i didn't. I need him in the face, hoping this time it would hurt, as blood poured out from his nose. "If mother were here, she'd kill you herself, you worthless garbage!" i shouted, as he grabbed me again, pulling me down. I put up a fight, threw my fists for his face, "GET AWAY FROM HER!!" someone shouted, from the front door as they ran towards us, It was niall.. The first thing i noticed, was my step dad, was on the floor, gripping hold of his face, and Nialls arm was around me, pullling me up into his arms. he sunk his face into my shoulders, "im so sorry" he cried, "I should never of believed them!" he spoke getting annoyed. "it's fine" I spoke, slurring my words, "where did he hurt you?" he asked pulling his face out of my shoulder, I pulled up my t.shirt, and pulled up my jeans, and already saw bruises forming, he shook his head and punched him again, this time harry pulled him away, struggling. "let it go mate" he spoke, soothing him. "you got him" he added. "he deserves alot more" niall spoke gritting his teeth, "yes, that he does, that's why we take him to the police" Harry spoke. and niall nodded.    "Belle" Louis came up from behind me. "Oh my.." he said as he saw my bruising. "Im sorry" he spoke, in a lower voice. "it's not your fault" i spoke. "it's mine, for storming off" i said, shaking my head. "it's not your fault" harry spoke, "it's ours, we believed it, it wasn't until you left, that we saw the real photo" he shook his head. "don't worry" he laughed. "Niall had his say" he winked. as he helped me up and niall smiled and carried me back towards the car, "don't leave me again" he spoke, as he kissed my cheek.
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