What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


8. First Date

"you almost ready?" Harry spoke through the door, "1 Sec" I said Fitting into my dress, I looked myself through the mirror and smiled, "Ready" I spoke as i opend  the door, Harry and Liam looked me up and down, "You look Beautiful" Harry said, smiling. "Why thank you  I laughed. One thing i love most about being here is, they all act like my brothers, apart from Niall. they tell the truth, they laugh at everything i say, they have a good sense of humor, and thats what i love best. "lets go" I said breaking silence. I grabbed my purse and walked down stairs and saw Niall waiting at the door, as soon as he saw me his draw dropped. "you look.." he spoke "Beautiful" He finally let out, I felt myself blush a little, "why, thankyou Niall, you don't look half bad yourself" I smiled. "He grabbed my arm and led me out to his car, "where are we going?" I asked with curiosity, "it's a suprise"He laughed. "Payback" he continued, "but it was worth it, right?" I smiled. "Defiantly" he agreed.

We arrived at a beautifully decorated reausturant, no one else seemed to be there, I looked around with curious eyes and then looked at niall, standing there smiling, "I uh, think its closed" I said, laughing. "Nah, I rented it out, just for us" He smiled coming around his car and leading me into the reasurant, there were waitors, music players, and one table perfectly set up, I have to admit, this is the most perfect thing, anyone had ever done for me, "This is amazing" I breathed out, "You're amazing" he smiled. I went to walk foward, as i did niall grabbed my arm, spun me around and lightly pressed his lips against mine.

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