What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


16. Decision.

I let out a sigh, looking at all the boys faces, "You have to go" I reply, "You'll be letting your fans down, i dont want that" i mumbled, "Yes, but what happens if we go, and suddenly  something happens with baby, then what are we going to do" liam asks, "Ill, handle it" I spoke, "Look how big you guys were, when i wasn't around, look at all your fans, how much they love you" i say, "a month" I breath, "isn't all that much" I say, "Im only 7 months pregnant, its okay" i say, as i turn towards the kitchen and do the rest of the dishes, "We will only go on one condition" Louis spoke, "What's that?" I said as i turned around, "if you skype us, like every minuet" he spoke, as i let out a little laugh, "alright, deal" i say, Niall smiled as he turned with the boys, into there bedrooms, to start packing, As i turn to open the cuboard to place the glasses away, i gain cramps, I drop the glass, and place my hands on my stomach, "Belle?!" Harry says as he walks out, "Are you okay?" he asks, as he comes closer, "yeah, yes im .. im fine" i say, as i hide the teears and turn away, "You're not" he said turning me around, "what is it?" niall asked running towards me, "just, a bad cramp" I say, breathing heavily, as it got worse, i sat on the couch, trying not to scream, and suddenly, something seemed to let go, I look towards the floor, to see a puddle, of clear water, "shit" i mumble, "Niall" i shout, as he races out, "What is it?" he says, and he looks down, "Shit" he says, I almost laugh, but then it gains in more pain, "the baby is coming" niall shouts as he lifts me, and walks towards the door,, "I'll drive" zayn says, grabbing the keys, With the door slamming shut behind us, we walk to the van, parked in a private car park, as niall places me slowly into the seat, as he jumps in next to me, "Hold on baby, everythings going to be ok" he says, running his hands through his hair, "oh god" he mumbles.

"Im going to need you to push, honey" the nurse shouts from infront of me, I let out a scream as i push with all the energy i had, "Another one" she shouted, again. Niall was beside me, squeezing my hand as tight as he could, "come on baby" he whispers in my ear, I push again, this time harder, as the pain suddenly went away, I heard a cry, Niall sighed of relief, as he heard the cry, coming closer, "she's beautiful" the nurse says, as she hands her to me, "Got a name?" she asks, I look up at niall, and he nods happily, "Jenna-rose horan" i smile, as niall squeezes my hand as i say it, "I'll go get the boys" he says, wiping away his tears, as I nod.

"Oh my" Louis says, as he places his finger in Jenna's hand, "You're a cute little thing, aren't you?" he smiles, "Can i hold her?" he asks, "Sure" I smile, as i carefully hand her over, Harry let out a little laugh, she has niall's blue eyes" He smiles, as he runs his finger over her cheeks, Niall laughs, and walks over to me and kisses me on my forehead, "You've done well, beautiful" he smiles.

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