What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


11. Broken hearted.

As the plain was ready to take off, i tilt my head agaisnt the window, and watch the buildings become so small that i can no longer see them, coming above the clouds, made me smile everytime, i imagine my mother, lying above them, watching me fly through, I look over to see harry and louis, watching a video on the mini screen, and niall, of course eating crackers, and cheese. laughing at zayn who is snoring already, I sighed and leaned my head against the window, tapping on the arm rest beside me, Liam sat alone, along the back of the airplane, lately he has been having troubles with danielle. and not letting any of us talking about it,

"Liam" Niall spoke as he moved out of his seat and went to sit next to him, there were little mumbles coming out of liams mouth, and niall trying the cheer him up, "Don't worry mate" Niall said, "were all here for you" he said as pointing to all of us as i smiled. and Louis looked around, "whats wrong?" Louis asked as he lifted out of he's seat, "Danielle, she ended it" Liam said trying to keep tears from appearing. "Oh, mate" Louis said giving him a hug, "Don't worry about it" Louis spoke. "Were here to have a good time, and were not letting this ruin it for you" Louis said putting on a smile. "I, guess" Liam spoke silently.

Niall grabbed my hand and held me close as we walked through the exit gates at the airport, with screaming fans surrounding us holding out camreas, throwing out questions like "Is it true Liam?" they shouted, "Niall is that your new girlfriend?" another yelled. I heard niall sigh under his breath, "it's okay" i said, as he held me tighter, "just stay right by my side" he spoke loud enough so i can hear it, I nodded as we walked towards the black van, wating for us to get in, "hurry" Paul spoke. "were going to be late" he added jumping into the van, I jumped in first and went to the back as the other boys jumped in after me, "alright" Harry said, "now thats over, time to prepare" harry smiled looking around, "cheer up liam" Niall smiled. "there will be plenty other ladies out there for you" he said in a cheerful voice, "Any girl would be silly not to love you" he added and patted liam on the shoulder as liam smiled, "thats what we like to see" Zayn smiled.

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