What I thought was love.

This story is going to be about a young girl named belle, she has many problems going on in her life, with her mother passing, and step father being a drunk, she decides its enough to deal with and hits the streets, but, who will she run into?


3. Being one of them.

Once there manager finally arrived, I took belle's bags and placed them Inthe back of the van.


I feel like im invading a bunch of boys privacy, but I'm also glad that I now have a place to stay, to be safe. As we pulled up the street there were flashing lights everywhere, I looked down to the floor and sighed, "it's alright" Harry laughed "they won't be able to see you in here" I let out a little smile and nodded. This feels like a dream, to be away from Jason, and be with one direction, the worlds most popular boy band. "So, belle, how long we're you out for?" Liam asked breaking the silence, which I was glad. "A couple of hours" I admitted. He nodded. We came up a street that I had never been to before, with massive gates opening, I may have been jaw dropped so I put my hand over my mouth and pretended to yawn. I heard Niall laugh a little beside me, "you tired" he asked, "just a little" I smiled. As we pulled up a Middle Aged woman arrived out the front, looking tired, also. I jumped out of the car and let Niall and Louis out next to me, I went to the back and grabbed my bags and Niall tool them off of me, "wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't carry them" he giggled. Right there and then, I realized that I had feelings for Niall. And that.. I couldn't tell him, so soon..

Belle seemed like a nice girl, I'm glad she's not one that screams every time we walk into a room, she sees us as normal teenage boys, and I can tell that Niall has fell for her, Niall showed belle to the room that she will be staying in, and she followed him down the stairs,

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