The Sidekick

The story is about me living like a superstar because of having a bestfriend who is one of the finalists in this year's M Factor. Plus, I have to choose between one of the finalists who fell for me, and Niall Horan of One Direction! Read to find out who is the winner of my heart!


3. The Phone Call

            "He tried to kiss you, and you just walked away? No, you didn't!" Charlene said.
            She couldn't believe it, because Zac was the most attractive one on M Factor. He was so sweet, and now he said he liked me and I rejected him. To be honest, I liked him. I did. I knew it was sort of possible to like someone before you got to know them, as I was in the same situation, but I had to say that I wasn't ready to be in a relationship. Plus, I didn't think I could handle the groupies who were after "The Blaze" members. Considering Zac was the most liked one in the band, it wouldn't be a surprise, if I got death threats from the fans.
             We were, by the way, at the rehearsal. I was giving advises to Charlene about the songs she should sing this week. She was a little bit too picky, but I guess it was a good thing, because she would always choose the best songs to sing. At least, for her voice, and for the entertainment of the audience. Well, even if she didn't sing a good song or had a nice voice, with her long dark brown hair, and big blue eyes, she would impress people.
              Charlene was talking on the phone when Zac showed up. My face immediately turned red out of embarrassment. You could even mistaken me for a tomato. Yeah, that was how red my face was.
              "Hey..." I said. "I hope you don't hate me after yesterday."
              "It's a little bit impossible." He smiled. "I..."
               Before he could say something, Charlene's eyes were wide open and she pointed out her phone telling me, "It's Niall Horan!!!!!!!! AND HE WANTS YOU ON THE PHONE!!!!!"
              I looked at Zac. Even though he seemed disappointed and upset, he didn't leave the room, when I was talking to Niall Horan.
             Apparently, when I dropped my bag yesterday, I also dropped my phone and never picked it up. So, he had my phone now. And the big news was, he had asked me out! I was so starstruck, so I didn't say anything but yes! It was amazing. I thought Charlene would have it all, but the weird thing is that I was kind of having it all.
           After the call was over, I had to tell what we (me and Niall) talked about on the phone. She was so excited, and made me promise her to tell everything after the night, which I had to agree. Meanwhile, Zac could hear us. I felt upset, because I was in a situation where I had to make up my mind. And it wasn't that easy. To be clear, I liked Zac. When I saw him, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. And the more I got to know him, the more I had attracted to him. On the other hand, there was Niall. I didn't know if he liked me, but I was hoping not to like him after the night. I didn't want to break Zac's heart. He was important. He was the first guy I had ever felt like this. But, at the same time Niall could give me everything I wanted. Everything. I just didn't know. All I knew was M Factor was bad for me. Really bad.
            "So, you're going on a date with him." Zac looked at me. His brown eyes were sparkling with anger, but they still had some compassion when looking at me.
            "Look, I'm really sorry about last night..." I couldn't look at him..
            He lifted my head with his hands, and made me look him in the eyes. "I like you, Kat."
            "I like you, too." I said. I just couldn't resist. Why did I say that? Why did I have to mess everything up? Now, I had to deal with this.
            All of a sudden, we started kissing. I didn't know what was going on. I felt like I was dreaming. I didn't know it was a dream or a nightmare, all I know was I liked it. I liked every minute of it. I would always think that "the French" would be disgusting, but I could feel his tongue in my mouth. I could taste the sweetness of his mouth, his lips, his tongue. But, naturally I was the one who stopped kissing. I looked at him, and he looked at me. I didn't know how to feel. It was amazing, but it felt wrong like I was cheating on someone. But, I knew that I was, at some point, going to hurt his feelings. I just knew it.
            After the kiss, Charlene and the rest of "The Blaze" members were looking at us. I was embarrassed, and shocked over the fact that I kissed in front of them. Even thinking about it made me disgusted, and it actually happened. It couldn't get any worse.
           "I think I know what song we are going to sing." Zac said to the band members while leaving the room. He didn't even bother to look at me.
           "What was that?" Charlene asked me. "You have a date with Niall, and you are kissing Zac? I forbid you to see Zac ever again! Niall is much better, and he can make BOTH OF US famous! You get it?"
           Wow, Charlene had always been a little bossy, but she was now talking like a "momager." But she was right. Zac was no good to me. Niall was. Niall could give me his love, and his fame, and everything.
           "You're right, Charlene. It will never happen again."

           The night with Niall was great. He took me to a fancy restaurant, but when I wanted to go to a low-key place like McDonald's, he seemed more than just pleased and agreed to take me there. Even though a lot of fans came up, and asked to take photographs, the night was still great. After McDonald's, he took me to the studio, where the band was recording most of their times. He told me that he saw me singing on the first M Factor live show, and he wanted to record a song with me. It was dreamy. We actually sat down, and wrote a song together about having fun, and not wasting your life. And, recording was so much fun. After the recording, he gave me my phone, and told me that I now had his number on my phone, and that I could call him any time I wanted. At the end of the night, he kissed me on my cheeks and said he would like to see me again.        

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