The Sidekick

The story is about me living like a superstar because of having a bestfriend who is one of the finalists in this year's M Factor. Plus, I have to choose between one of the finalists who fell for me, and Niall Horan of One Direction! Read to find out who is the winner of my heart!


4. The Live Show

             There were only 3 weeks left till they announced the winner of M Factor. And, Charlene was in top 4! I just still couldn't believe this! Charlene was about to get filthy rich, and famous. And I was sort of being dragged into all of this. It just felt amazing to feel special for the first time in my whole life. Since the kiss, Zac and I hadn't talked. He actually didn't even look at me in the eyes, and seemed to avoid me whenever he saw me. So, I kind of rolled with it, and I never walked up to talk to him anymore. To be honest, I didn't even have time to talk to him or deal with our friendship or relationship or whatever it was. Because, past few weeks, I had been with Niall, and we had been having lovely times.
         We were kind of in a relationship, but had never even kissed. I guess it was because of mine being undecided about Zac. And because of that I was kind of "acting" shy to have a real relationship. But, other than that, the paparazzi would photograph us, and sell them to popular magazines, and interviewers ask Niall, and the rest of the One Direction members about me and Niall. Naill would never say something like, "Oh, yeah she is my girlfriend." But he would always be like, "She is a nice girl, and everyone would be like to have her in their lives." And I just kind of went with it. I accepted whatever he wanted.
          Charlene would always watch the interviews, and whenever Niall said something about us, Char would come up to me, and be like, "Why didn't he say that you were his girlfriend? Be smart, Kat! Be his girlfriend. Show it!" She was probably right about that, but I had never wanted a relationship with Niall, and to be honest I bet Niall had just seen us as friends, like I did.
         One of the live shows, "The Blaze" sang "That's What Makes You Beautiful," by One Direction. And Zac was singing the song while looking at me, like he was trying to tell something. Afterall, he had never been a fan of Niall, and the rest of the One Direction members after the night when I bumped into Niall Horan. I thought what Zac was doing was rude, so I left to go outside.
         On my way, someone shouted my name. It was Zac. I was so surprised because he should have been on the stage performing the song with his band members.
         "What are you doing? You have to be on the stage!"
         "No, look! We have to talk." said Zac. And meanwhile a camera was recording us LIVE!  That didn't stop Zac, though.
         He continued, saying "I love you, Kat. I love you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I was hurt seeing you with that Niall dude in every magazine. I was fed up! I thought you'd understand!"
         "I love you, Zac." I started crying and then he hugged me.
          The audience, the judges were applauding us. Then, when Zac kissed me like he did for the first time, people got excited more and more. It was literally magical.
          After our status got "official," we went to backstage. Niall was waiting there to talk to me. Zac was a little disturbed but let me talk to Niall. I didn't know what to say to him, but I didn't have to say anything, either.
         "I understand, Kat." Niall said. "I love you. You're always going to be in my heart. You have been a special friend of mine, and you will always stay as one." Then, he hugged me.
         "Thank you, Niall." I smiled, "thank you for everything."

          A week later, Charlene was eliminated, but was offered a record deal. She had been mad at me since I and Niall didn't work out, but was happy, because she was about to be known more, and release an album.
         The same week when Zac and I were planning our future, we came across with an interview Zac was having. I thought Zac was going to tell me to turn it off or switch the channel, but he let me watch it. Few minutes later, the interviewer asked Niall, if he was upset by the whole incident that he, I and Zac involved, before previewing the newest single of his.
         He said, "We had a lovely time together. I'd never take anything back. As I said before, anyone would be lucky to have her in their lives." he smiled.
         Then, the preview of his newest single started playing, which was the song that Niall and I wrote, and sang! It was incredible. My song was playing on TV!
         Zac actually congratulated me on the song, and a few weeks later, Simon Cowell called both of us telling that he would love to sign Zac and his band "The Blaze," and ME (!) to his record label, which we happily agreed!
        At the end of the day, I will always be greatful to Charlene, and M Factor for giving me a brand new friend, Niall; a boyfriend whom I'm in love with, and a record deal. I just cannot wait for everyone to hear my songs, and making my mom proud!



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