The Sidekick

The story is about me living like a superstar because of having a bestfriend who is one of the finalists in this year's M Factor. Plus, I have to choose between one of the finalists who fell for me, and Niall Horan of One Direction! Read to find out who is the winner of my heart!


1. The Finalist and the Friend

     "Wow, Charlene! You're a finalist, I can't believe this!" I screamed on the road hugging my best friend. We were both crying, and laughing at the same time. It was just amazing to see your bestfriend become a superstar! I remembered the first day of her audition. She wanted me to audition, as well; but even though I knew I could, I'd never been a fan of those kind of competitions, plus I had never sung in front of an audience! Even my own mother didn't know that I could sing. So, there was the possibility of mine fooling myself, thinking I could sing...
     "I know, I know....I can't believe this!" she looked at me smiling and continued, "Promise me you'll never get out of my sight till the end of this competition!" I looked at her like she was joking. Of course, I wouldn't leave her even for a second! I mean, I...we would get to meet celebrities and hot boys. Even thinking about it would give me chills. Wouldn't it be awesome, if I had a celebrity boyfriend? We could get married, and have kids...I guess I exaggerated a little bit, but yeah...This was a dream every ordinary girl dreamed of! I loved my bestfriend. For real.
     "Of course," I said. "But, you are the one who should promise me! You will be famous someday, and I hope you'll never forget our friendship!" We giggled.
      "Oh, yeah? You bet! Don't be so excited." she pushed me laughing. I laughed, too. She was an amazing bestfriend.
After a few weeks, the live shows started. I was excited because I got to meet with the rest of the finalists, and witness the rehearsals, and got to chance to party! (Even though I'm not much of a party animal.)
    On the first live show, my friend Charlene decided to sing "Oath" by Cher Lloyd. She did so, because the song was about bestfriends, and she could show everyone that she could also rap. I was happy about her choice, because it would show how strong our friendship to everybody. I was really excited! The rehearsals were awesome. She did great, and I had no doubt she would win the competition. I didn't really meet the other finalist in the first week, but I would later. I didn't want to rush anything, or seem like a groupie or something. I mean they were considered as celebrities, weren't they? So, yeah...I had better not rush anything!
    The night when Charlene was going to perform, I called other friends of ours to watch her live. Of course, they agreed to come, and we sat together. The show started...Everyone was great, but I got starstruck when the boy band called "The Blaze" showed up. The band was a four-member boy band made up of William, 19; Connor, 18; Dylan, 18; and Zac, who is the oldest member of the band at the age of 22. They were just great. I couldn't stop looking at Zac. He had the best voice, best body, best face, and the best personality! I felt like such a groupie, but if I ever was near that guy, I would probably faint..
    After the boyband "The Blaze," Charlene came up on the stage singing "Oath." She really could rap. When she was performing she was looking at me smiling and dancing at the same time. It was unbelievable what my bestfriend could do! I just felt like it was a dream. It was amazing. After she finished singing, Simon Cowell, one of the judges, asked her who she was looking at when singing. My heart literally started beating twice as fast as it was before! And when she said she was looking at me, I felt like fainting! I just closed my eyes and pinched myself to wake up from this nightmare. When I opened my eyes, guess what? It wasn't a freaking dream, it was real. And Simon was looking at me.
     "Go, get up on the stage!" said one of my friends sitting next to me. I was about to ask why, but then I realized Simon called me up on the stage, as everyone was looking at me. I walked to the stage. My legs were feeling numb. I was shaking, and sweating, and thinking, "Why the hell would you do this, Char?!"
     However, I finally managed to get up on the stage, and stand next to Charlene. One of the crew members gave me a microphone to speak to the judges.
     Simon started talking, "So, you guys must have a great friendship for you to sing a song like 'Oath,' Charlene. I must say I'm really impressed. Can you also sing too, Miss...?"
      I was going to deny it, but before I could say something, Charlene started talking, "Her name is Kat, and yes, she can sing! At least, that's what she says so!" she smiled.
      I was so pissed. That's what she says so????? SERIOUSLY, CHARLENE?
      Simon's voice was heard again, "That's what she says so? Let's hear you guys sing together."
      "Let's sing "Take Care" by Drake." Charlene whispered. I had to agree with her, because I couldn't think of any other song as I was overwhelmed by the whole experience.
       We started singing, and when I was singing Drake's lines, Charlene stopped singing and I was the one who sang the whole song! I was honestly trapped, but I didn't want to mess it up, as it was a live show. After I sang, I looked at Charlene unsmiling and whispered, "How could you do this to me?!." She just smiled back. WHAT A FRIEND!
      "Wow, you are actually really good. You should have auditioned." said Cheryl Cole.
        I was shocked. Because it was the first time I had ever sung in front of people.
       "Exactly, I couldn't agree more!" Simon continued, "but, we should comment on Charlene's performance now!"
       After the judges made their comments, we went to the backstage.
       I immediately uttered, "What was that! Why did they want me to perform! This is unfair, and you! You, as my bestfriend shouldn't have done that. You are such a traitor!"
       She laughed out loud, "They just wanted to make the show more exciting and unexpected, and they really liked you and your singing. Why are you so mad?"
       "Yeah, whatever.." Well, I had to admit she was right. At least, I was right about the fact that I could really sing. Really.

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