The Sidekick

The story is about me living like a superstar because of having a bestfriend who is one of the finalists in this year's M Factor. Plus, I have to choose between one of the finalists who fell for me, and Niall Horan of One Direction! Read to find out who is the winner of my heart!


2. The After-Party

        I didn't feel like partying, but I promised Charlene not to leave her. And parties had always been said to be fun, right? and I had to cheer up a little bit after singing in front of people including Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue, and Louis Walsh! What an experience, what a nightmare!
The place where party took place was really huge, and so luxurious. I wasn't used to those kind of places, as I had never had that much money. Well, even if I was rich, I didn't think I would ever think about throwing a party at a place like this, but I guess I just had to live the moment, and just go with it. It was free, afterall!
        The party had already started. Even some of the finalists seemed a little drunk.
        There were also celebrities at the party, the former M-Factor contestants, and winners. I could swear that I saw some of the members of One Direction, which was something that I shouldn't have been surprised about, as the boyband was a former M Factor contestant. If any other girl was in my shoes, they would probably walk up to them, and try to talk to them; but no, I'd never been a girl like that. I didn't try to be "cool," but I also didn't want to be the "awkward one."
        After an hour, I felt overwhelmed by the loud music, and all those people. So, I decided to sit down until the party ended.
       "Hey, you were amazing out there." said someone, but I didn't think it was for me, so I didn't even bother looking at him let alone saying something.
       "I'm actually talking to you. Erm...Kat?"
       Okay, now I had to say something. "Thanks, I guess." I said, without looking at him.
        "Would you like to have a drink?" He didn't seem to let go of me, whomever that was.
        "No, thanks." I said.
        He sounded a little bit pissed off, saying, "Will you bother to look at me even just for a second?"
         I wasn't going to look at him, but the demon inside me pushed me to do so. And, GUESS WHO HE WAS! It was my FAVORITE "The Blaze" member, ZAC! You know, the oldest one!!!! Holy Molly!
        He seemed surprised when he realized that I was shocked. "Calm down," he said laughing. "I'm Zac, by the way."
         "Yeah, I know.." I said. He was nice and attractive. He may have been the first guy I had ever been attracted to. Not that I was into girls or something, I had just always been such a geek that I never really had time to have a boyfriend.
          "Would you like to go outside? I can't hear anything.." he said. When I hesitated, he went on saying, "Don't be afraid, I'm not going to turn into a werewolf and eat you!" I looked at him with my right eyebrow lifted, as he continued, "Well, not that I don't want to eat you!"
          I couldn't help but saying, "Are you flirting with me?!" After I realized what I'd just said, I got mad at myself. I was shy; therefore, I didn't know how I said something like that to HIM? TO ZAC! I'm such a jerk. Seriously. But fortunately he smiled, and held my hand.
          When we were about to get out of the club, I bumped into someone, and dropped my bag! I was such a clumsy girl... And now I humiliated myself in front of Zac!
          When I was trying to get my bag, someone uttered, "I'm really really sorry," with a lovely Irish accent. And when I looked up to see who that was, I saw a lovely pair of blue eyes. Then, I realized it was Niall Horan from "One Direction!" I TOLD YOU I SAW SOME MEMBERS OF ONE DIRECTION AT THE PARTY! Now I had embarassed myself in front of Niall, too. What an embarassment!
        "Oh, I'm the one who is sorry! I was the clumsy one!"
        He looked at me with the sweetest smile in the world, "Well, it's good we're both okay."
        "OK, well we have to go," I said looking at Zac who seemed a little bit pissed off. Then, I looked at Niall who seemed disappointed. "See you later!"
        It was funny for me to tell him to see him later, because I mean, he was famous and he had lots to do! So, it was impossible for him to see me again...


         Outside, Zac didn't talk much first. He still seemed pissed off, and I just couldn't resist asking, "Why are you pissed off, what did I do?"
          "You didn't. He did." He did? Seriously? I was the clumsy one. Men were so complicated. I was going to say something, but he seemed to be talking to himself, "He totally liked you." What? Niall, and me? I was about to laugh out loud as it was hilarious. I may not know a lot about men, but they would get totally jealous when a girl talked to another man. I mean, man up!
           "Nah, you're wrong. He's famous, and I'm just an ordinary girl. Just calm down, OK? I don't want any confusion."
          "You're right." he said. "I like you, Kat."
          I was shocked. Because what I had learned over the years was that a man couldn't love/like a woman at first sight. It was impossible. It was only in the books, or movies. Yeah, it was absolutely impossible unless you were Katherine Heigl!
             "You don't even know me."
             He looked at me, "I don't have to. No one has to. You just know." He put his hand on his heart, and continued, "In here."
              Today had been a complete dream. Singing in front of people, Niall Horan, and now this. I had always liked Zac, since the beginning of this year's M Factor. He was so attractive, but like I said, I didn't know him and he didn't know me. And how could something like that happen THIS fast? It was all new to me.
            "You just have the most beautiful big green eyes, the most beautiful blonde hair..." He started looking at my lips, "...the most beautiful lips..."
           I knew what he was going to do. So, I had to do something about it. "I have to go. Charlene must have been worried about me. I'm..." Before I could finish my sentence, I just walked away from him really quick. "I'm so sorry..." I said to myself...

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