As Luck Would Have It

Its about a girl who is dying to leave her hometown that she hates and seems to hate her back and go fulfill her dream of becoming a writer when on a whim, she enters a contest to win a date with Harry Styles. Last minute, she draws her signature symbol in the corner of the page, a 4-leaf clover, for good luck. Little does she know, that little thing could be the sole reason her life changes forever.


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Scarlett's POV


Sitting in my room Friday after school, I was trying to focus on my stupid Algebra homework, but I couldn't stop checking my phone. I kept telling myself that it was stupid, I wasn't going to win. But it was almost time for the winner to be called and I wasn't going to dare miss it on the off chance that I had won. 

4:00 came and went, and I was about to hop in the shower to drown the dissappointment of not winning when my phone rang.


A sultry voice came over the phone and i nearly dropped it at his words.

"Yes, is this Scarlett Fears?"

"Yes.... May I ask who's calling?"

"Harry Styles..."

"Oh. Okay. May I help you?"

I was trying desperately to keep myself from passing out. As if it wasn't difficult already, his next words just about sent me over the edge.

"Yes actually, I was hoping you would like to go on a date with me tomorrow night. Say, 7:00?"

"Ummmm.... Sure, why not? Where are we going?"

"That, my dear, is a surprise. Dress casual, but nice.  I'll pick you up at your place at 7:00. Until then, sweet Scarlett."

This was officialy the best day of my life.


Harry's POV


I hung up the phone and strangely, I was excited about this "date." You know how you can just tell if a girl is pretty by her voice? Well, that was Scarlett. And what a name, I might add. Just gorgeous. 

I could tell she was really trying to sound calm, but she was about to explode underneath the facade, and it was downright adorable. Her entry had really caught my attention. She seemed very straightforward, a no-nonsence kind of girl. I liked that. 

Of course, I had loads to do still before the day was over, but I decided I was gonna work on planning this "date." Even if it wasn't my idea and she had won a contest for this to happen, I had picked her out, and I was going to plan it. Just like I would if I had met her somewhere. I was going to do everything I could to make sure this girl had the time of her life tomorrow night. She just sounded so sweet and beautiful, in no way was I going to dissappoint. 

I got everything in order and borded my plane for Tennessee, where Scarlett lives. I loved American girls, especially in the South. The accents were just downright precious and surprisingly very hard to immitate correctly. And the food, oh my god. Delicious. I just loved the whole atmosphere of the place. 

I finally arrived at the airport and took a car to Shelbyville, the small town she lived in and checked into the motel. Yes, motel, not hotel. The town was THAT small. But it had a bed, and that was all I was concerned with at that moment. 

I awoke the next morning and was told by Elizabeth that if I wanted to leave I could. The fans wasn't aware I was here, and it was so small that not a lot of people would bother me. 

They didn't even have a Starbucks I learned very soon, God how did these people survive?! I didn't understand it, but we went to a little cafe, which was quite nice. 

Elizabeth had been right, only a few fans noticed me and they asked for pictures and autographs and stayed and talked for a few minutes. It was nice, just having a conversation with them instead of them screaming and squealing in my face. Very different. This was a very nice place.

After breakfast, I went to the back to the motel and just had a lazy day. I didn't get those very often, so  I enjoyed every minute of it. Right up until it was time to start getting ready to pick up Scarlett. It never takes me long to get ready, but today i spent nearly 45 minutes on myself. Something about me told me that this was going to be important and not so much just "part of the job," so I wanted to look good. 

I stopped at a flower shop and bought some for Scarlett and in the little card I wrote:

"Two dozen Scarlett roses, my dear. xx. Harry"

Once I left the flower shop and headed toward the address I was given for Scarlett's house, I began to feel nervous. I hardly ever got nervous with girls anymore, so this was quite unusual.

I got to her place and knocked on the door. When she answered and I got the first look at her, I realized that all of the nervous feelings I was having before were nothing compared to how I speechless the beauty in front of me made me. This was about to be the best date ever. 

Little did I know, this would only be one of many great nights with Scarlett.

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