Miss Payne

*This is a Liam& One Of The Boys FanFic* I live my life not ever seeing my brother. He is never home and the fact that his friends and him are in a world know band called "One Direction" as you can tell, I don't like them but all the girls Love him.What will happen when Clara see her brother for the first time in two months and then falls for one of the members. Will she forgive her brother, Will something happen with her love for one of them, or will it all go down the drain. Find out and read.

This is my 2 Fanfic please no hate and read my first book Love its Nialler FanFic.


4. No Why Do I Have To Fall For Him!!:4

Chapter 4: No Why Do I Have To Fall For Him!

Clara P.O.V.

I was  on my was to the air port with Liam. The car ride was silent so I  thought I Break the silents.

"So Liam do you know if they will like me?".

"Oh! yeah I know Louis & Zayn are really happy to meet you but can you promise me some thing?".

"Oh really. What is it?".

"Don't let Zayn and Harry BUT mostly Harry, Don't let them use you. Ok?".


We arrived at the airport and we met up with the boy. But I was only focused on Zayn he looked  um um ...........

"Sexy" I said that out loud with out me wanting to.

"What?' My brother said.

"Erm um ....... just a thought I had" I say trying to cover up what i just said before. The seem to believe it because they all just strugg but Zayn he looks at me with a smile annd I think he Knows what i meant.


On the plane

Omg I have to sit Next to Zayn. No what if he says some thing. we sit down and he just looks at me with a smile, That smile Mmmm it's sexy.

"So I think you called me sexy or did I miss under stand the way you where looking at me".

No he knows what should I do. Tell him or Tell him that he miss understood.

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