Miss Payne

*This is a Liam& One Of The Boys FanFic* I live my life not ever seeing my brother. He is never home and the fact that his friends and him are in a world know band called "One Direction" as you can tell, I don't like them but all the girls Love him.What will happen when Clara see her brother for the first time in two months and then falls for one of the members. Will she forgive her brother, Will something happen with her love for one of them, or will it all go down the drain. Find out and read.

This is my 2 Fanfic please no hate and read my first book Love its Nialler FanFic.


2. He Is Home.WHY NOW!!!:2

Chapter:2 He Is Home&WHY NOW!

I woke up to the front door opening and my mother crying and saying "welcome home son welcome home". I sat up fast when I realised what she just said. No no he can't be no my brother was coming around my birthday,Wait what day is it. I ran to my phone, 31th-12-2012, Whoa no no no  tomorrrows my birthday no no no.

"CLARA COME DOWN STAIR NOW!!!!!"my Mum yelled from the stairs. I get up check my self in the mirror, I look decent. I walk down stair and into the living room to see my brother smiling at me. I give a fake smile and sit next to him. "Hello Liam how have you been?, I asked not worrying if it's good or bad.

"Hello Sis, I have been well, And you?"

"I've been better"

He just looks at me confusanly"Clara we have something to tell you", My Dad start.

"What is it Dad?"

"You are going ro be living with your brother and his friends from now on"

"WHAT NO I DON'T THNK SO I'M STAYING HERE,I LOVE YOU LIAM BUT NO!" I yelled at the top of my lungs


I ran up to my room and slamed it shut I'm not going with them boys no way in hell.


"Come in" I said abit mad

"Clara please please come with me, I want to hangout and you need a place to live."Liam said begging me to come, maybe i will maybe

"Why should I?"I said with a smug look on my face

"I know you wanna and you know it too, Just come"

I really didn't know what to do, I want to go but the boys. What should I do?, I really didn't have a chocie. After my long thought to my self i realised my brother was waving his hand in front of my face.

"FINE!" I sigh has i say it while he is jumping around the room.

"When do we leave?" I ask

"Tomorrow on your birthday

No i cant why now why now.


AN/ OK sorry i dont do and AN after every Chapter it's just i really don't know what else to do. so will she say yes will she say no because of her birthday?

:) - Cheyanne XxxOoo


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