The Scorpions Nest

HRH Prince Harry is Kidnapped in Afghanistan, What would you do get him back, follow this exciting story through several countries, and High octane action in the quest to bring the monarch back alive


5. McCartneys Office


5. Colonel McCartney's Office

London, England

16.00 GMT/18.30 AFT


Colonel James T McCartney is sat in his office, a big unnerving room filled with Army memorabilia at every turn, photos of decorated war veterans cover one wall, and paintings of distant top brass cover another. The twenty foot high ceiling is white plaster decorated with floral insignia, a huge brass chandelier dangles almost precariously above a long dark oak table, and eighteen chairs from the same period as the table court each side of it engulfing the room with their unmistakable polished odour.

"Yes sir I'll deal with it right away", standing with the receiver still at his ear even though the other party had already hung up, he slowly lowered the phone and replaced the handset, not once did his stare break, but he wasn't focusing on any one thing, all his brain power, all his energies, all his concentration were all being used up by the horrifying news he had just received, it was his job to get Prince Harry back, and back fast, he paused a moment longer still in disbelief that this could happen, that a possible heir to the throne of England could now be a hostage, it's unthinkable, unfathomable, it's a nightmare. He slumped back down in his chair and rubbed his chin, no reason, maybe it helped him think, maybe he just like the rough feel of it, it helped relax him, helped him focus. He picked up the phone and pressed a single button, "yes Colonel" said the female voice on the other end of the phone.

"Get me Major Budd in my office as quick as you can please Jane" his voice was calm, but his mind was still frantically running through all the permutations of this dire situation.

He leans back in his leather chair and looks across the open space of his office, he picks a cigar out of his drawer and rolls it under his nose, breathing in the aroma and letting it stimulate is memory, casting him back to the first time he had smelt that aroma, a happier time, a time when princes didn’t go to war zones, a time when Afghanistan was a possible tourist resort, a time he missed. There's a loud knock at his door as he stands and lights the cigar "come in".

In walks Major Budd an athletic man with a muscular upper body, the youngest ever major in the Army “You called for me sir?" he asks.

"Yes, sit down Major; I have some news of level four security to tell you"

"Level four sir?', you know I'm only cleared for level three!"

"I know I know, but this mission is under my control and that gives me the right to inform anyone I think can benefit the mission and bring it to a successful end, the truth is you're one of the few men that need to know this, you are also one of the few men who can help, because of your high level of training, you have the respect of most men in our elite forces, because of your skills at the very front line, in all theatres you've been deployed in, you are a hero, a folk lore almost to these men, they don't talk about all records, they talk about your records. You Alan are their inspiration".

"High praise indeed sir, no pressure then" he replies with a wry smile, "but what is it you need me for?"

"I need you to recruit a team, but no ordinary team, these men must be willing to live and die by the sword, literally for king and country, I don't want the best, I want the best of the best, I want you to get in contact with every major, every colonel, every high ranking officer in all the forces, B company, C company, bloody D company, the marines, the SAS, the Ghurkas, the SBS, Commandos, Pilots and bloody Paras and you find me a team I want a minimum of six maximum of ten, and they better be the cream of the crop Major, they are going to need to be."

"Blimey Colonel how long have I got?”

"Here's the fun bit you have just six hours, I want you to interview all the candidates, then shortlist them and then interview them all again, and when you find the men you want, you get them here, I will be briefing you all in approximately seven hours time, so get on with it."

"Yes Sir" said Budd jumping up from his seat, "oh and sir you haven't told me what this news is or what the mission is!"

"You'll find out in seven hours, but Budd before you go, it's in Afghanistan, and you are heading the mission."

"Right" said Budd with a worried look on his face as he ran out the door.

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