The Scorpions Nest

HRH Prince Harry is Kidnapped in Afghanistan, What would you do get him back, follow this exciting story through several countries, and High octane action in the quest to bring the monarch back alive


1. Kidnap


Afghanistan. Modern Day Between Kabul and Bagram 14.00 GMT/16.30 AFT   Dust and dirt whirled around the moving vehicles, on the bleak desert road. The sun sits alone high in the cloudless sky, beating an irrepressable heat down on the convoy, nothing but grey rock and blue sky can be seen for miles, the wind kicks up  sand like a waving flag, flicking it hard against the trucks with stinging enthusiasm.     Staff sergeant Hamilton steps out his Humvee  "What is it ?, Why have we stopped" his asks, his face contorted with anger, not the usual jolliness associated with a man his size. As his size twelve boots landed on the dusty uneven road Corporal Jenkins jogs up to him, with fear and trepidation he delivers the piece of news thats making his heart thump on his chest wall with such ferocity that he can feel it in his throat, "We need to turn around Sarge and go back to the safe zone !". Both men are travelling in a six humvee convoy on the A76 from the green zone at Kabul to Bagram Military airport to the north.        "What the fuck are you talking about boy, who says we have to go back ?" "Sarge" stutters Jenkins " We just got word on the radio, intelligence has discovered an attempt on his life".        "Firstly you will address him as Captain W, secondly we are two clicks North of Mir Bachen Kowt, its now closer to Bagram than it is to Kabul, were there any specifics on the location or type of the attempt?". "No Sarge, the order was to turn around and come back immediately, and it came direct from Major Wallis" Jenkins raises his eyes going over the message in his head, the thin wiry corporal looks scared as much of Hamilton as he does of the news he just relayed.     "Whats Going on?" Blurts Harry stepping from the humvee and shielding his eyes from the bright burning sun with his hand. "Please get back inside Sir, we have received news that there maybe an attempt on your life, and we are returning to the green Zone" says Hamilton as both men salute the Prince of Wales. "Cut out that saluting shit and lets go" retorts Harry stepping back into the Humvee   As Hamilton begins to step back inside he hears a whistling sound growing louder and louder, he turns around and watches as a rocket propelled grenade slam into the humvee behind his, throwing it spinning ten feet into the air, and coming back to earth on its roof in a blaze of fire, It took just a split second for the horror he just witnessed to sink in, but it seemed more like minutes to him, Hamilton jumps quickly into the vehicle as it starts to accelerate away, he peers out of the windscreen at the humvees already racing away in front of him, his eyes dart left and right scanning the surroundings for the slightest hint of movement, anything that would give away the location of the enemy, his breathing is becoming violently fast, adrenaline rushing through his veins with a mixture of fear and anticipation too.   What if it's a trap, what if they want us to high tail it back towards the green zone, his thoughts are disturbed by a deafening bang and the sight of the humvee in front flying through the air and passing over his vehicle, he snaps his head round to see it land on the vehicle behind his.   "Fuck, fuck, fuck" he shouts getting very agitated and panicky, "go off road" he yells to the driver, "get off the road, go that way" he bellows pointing over to the west.   The driver immediately swerves left, throwing his passengers against the right hand side of the vehicle. "Go go go" says Prince Harry, he himself showing signs of fear, not unusual in a situation like this, but Prince Harry is one of the coolest military officers to ever grace the british uniform, calm and cool under pressure are the things that got him through officer training and to where he is today, yet for literally the first time in his life he is expressing genuine fear, maybe its because this time he knows its personal, its him they are after, not an attack on his forces, they have singled him out for the purpose of this attack.   Hamilton is on a radio phone "this is staff sergeant Hamilton, convoy 216 to Bagram has come under heavy fire, multiple casualties, we need air support and fast, We are heading east on a bearing of 103 degrees off road, across country, repeat we are no longer on the road. We are approximately 1 km north off Mir Bachen Kowt, over"   The radio crackled, then a calm voice came back " continue on your current course, there are two super cobra attack helicopters heading your way now, ground units will be deployed to assist in 10 minutes, please advise the current condition of Captain W, over". "Captain W is alive and well, but given the fire power of the enemy that could change, over" replied Hamilton. "Message received and understood, over"   The humvee is speeding along now at over 40mph, Hamilton checks Prince Harry is ok and joins the driver at the front, "keep heading to the ridge, we'll be able to take cover there, we are sitting ducks in this thing" he yelled. He looked in his side mirror to see the shaky image of two white pickups following at speed, they both have men in the back with assault rifles, too many to count though at this speed. As he eyes rise up from the mirror he notices a convoy of pickups heading towards them and approaching from the right, "Shit go left, left, left" he rasps grabbing the steering wheel and forcing it around to the left.   "There are loads of them, they are fucking every where staff" says the driver.   Harry joins them at the front "what are the chances of out running them?" he asks peering out of the windscreen at the masses of enemy vehicles. "None sir, but we don't need to out run them, we just need to stay away from them till the air support gets here" says Hamilton with a sigh. "Whats the ETA of the Air support?" "The air support is still at least approximately fifteen minutes away at best Sir." "Can we keep ahead of them for that long without getting more of us blown up, I doubt it" Harry says reasoning with himself "stop the truck." "What?"' shouts Hamilton with total disbelief on his face "Sir with all due respect, they will kill us all the moment we come in range." "No they won't, they want me, stop the truck let me out then drive off." "Sir what if their objective is to kill you, what if they just want to make a statement to the world that no one is untouchable" "No they want me for a reason, I can't jeopardise any more British lives trying to save mine, too many good men have already died, STOP the truck that's a direct order."   The truck comes to a stop, and the chasing vehicles all stop too, but a good sixty feet behind, the air is silent and the dust slowly falls to the ground, there is an earie peace to the atmosphere, no gunshots no chatter, nothing. The side door of the humvee swings open and out steps Harry, calm and almost bullish, he closes the door behind him and walks a few paces away from the vehicle, he looks back at the driver and nods, with that the humvee starts speeding off, Harry puts his hands behind his head and drops to his knees.   In the humvee Hamilton is on the radio as is speeds off " I'm telling you he gave me a direct order, he insisted we stopped and let him out, I pleaded with him not to do this, now do you have the coordinates from my GPS yet?"   "Yes we have the coordinates, retreat to a safe distance and observe, we want to know which vehicle he gets in, if he is attacked before hand, we need insurgent numbers, type of arms and direction they head off in" said the voice.    Hamilton watches as Harry is approached by a group of the enemy soldiers, one of then in what appears to be a military officers uniform walks right up to him and beckons for him to stand, they exchange words.    "Hello Prince, please stand, I assure you that you will come to no harm, I am but a pawn in the unfortunate game of war, and you my friend are a Rook a very valuable piece for the enemy, but your value is only so great while you are alive, so follow me quickly, as I'm sure your army will be arriving very soon" the self proclaimed General dressed in a officers uniform of the Afghan National Army beckons him to follow.   Prince Harry stands and follows the man into a truck, the remaining trucks start to drive around this truck very fast in a circle, dust is flying everywhere. "What are they doing" Asks Jenkins, Hamilton looks back at him and simply says "disappearing."   The dust is thick now and the truck can no longer be seen, then a truck breaks from the dust, followed by another then another, the are all leaving now in a convoy, "which one is he in sarge?" says Jenkins.  Hamilton looks at him and says "like I said he disappeared, it's clever in a way, now our helicopters cannot attack them because they don't know which one he is in".   Hamilton follows the convoy for ten minutes from a safe distance, radioing back vital information, then suddenly the two attack copters file over his humvee at great speed, startling him,  forcing him to crouch suddenly making him duck through gut reaction. The convoy in front continues into a valley and shots are being fired at the two helicopters circling above, Hamilton is watching through his binoculars from a safe distance deliberating wether or not to join the fire fight, no orders have been received on the radio for five minutes, and the helicopters appear to be observing and not attacking. Hamilton was thinking he knew exactly why they won't fire back, one of those trucks contains the British armies most valued soldier, then a fizzing sound broke his concentration, from the right hand side of the valley near the top, a stream of white smoke was streaking across the clear blue sky, he could see where it was heading but could do nothing, the sound was deafening, as the surface to air missile slammed into one of the attack copters, it was going down, straight down, no spiralling out of control helicopter like you see in the films, this was burning twisted metal heading on a direct straight route to the ground. The other helicopter was opening fire into the hill side, but it's shots were so random, Hamilton knew they had no clue what or where to fire.  The convoy in front had stopped now and more gunfire and rocket propelled grenades were being fired at the remaining helicopter, its tail rotor took a direct hit, splinters of metal showered the convoy below, the aircraft started accelerating up and over the hillside, and out of sight the other side. Hamilton watched the top of the hillside, waiting anxiously, anticipating a cloud of smoke to signal the craft had gone down, still he waited, one maybe two minutes had passed and still nothing, "maybe they were able to fly back, or land safely" he thought, his eyes were drawn away from the hillside by the site of two trucks from the convoy heading back towards them "shit get us out of here" he said tapping the driver on the shoulder.      The Humvee spun round and accelerated at great speed from the chasing trucks all the time Hamilton was relaying the events back to HQ.  
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