The Scorpions Nest

HRH Prince Harry is Kidnapped in Afghanistan, What would you do get him back, follow this exciting story through several countries, and High octane action in the quest to bring the monarch back alive


7. Hertfordshire

7. SAS Training Academy

Hertfordshire, England

17.30 GMT/20.00 AFT


A cold wet SAS assault course with rope ladders and water filled trenches breaks up the British landscape, Corporal Cooney dives to his left, drawing his service revolver out as he does, rolling along the ground firing three rounds into the targets head and a further into its heart, he instantly bounces to his feet, exits the building and sprints to the finish line where his fellow SAS soldiers are screaming for him to hurry up, a sergeant with a clipboard clicks the top of his stopwatch as he crosses the line then jots something down on his clipboard.

"Well?" says Cooney looking up at the man with wide eyes, "did I make it?" he gasps, his hands on his knees panting heavily, although his face is red and his breath is short this man has the physique that says his recovery will be quick, a stout six footer, a lean man with a six percent body fat, he trains hard to be the best he can be and by all intents and purposes he has achieved that.

"I'll tell you this much Cooney, you're good, and I mean really good."

"Aww come on Paterson don't yank my chain did I make the cut?"

“Well you didn't not make the cut" says Paterson with a cheeky smile.

"No fucking way" jumped in Lance Corporal McDaid.

"Yep he made it" said Paterson clarifying with a broad smile on his face "You're only the third person in all the time I've been in the SAS to have made the cut."

"Damn it had to be you, anyone but you!" McDaid said.

"You can try again McDaid if you want, you were only 30 seconds and 1 target out yourself" Paterson said gesturing to the start of the training course.

"No I've had my time today, my shoulder is hurting like a bitch" he says moving his arm in a circular motion, a stocky soldier, who’s looks are deceiving, because of all his muscle bulk he looks short, but in fact stands at exactly six foot, best friends with Cooney their friendship borders on sibling rivalry, each trying to outdo the other yet either would lay down their life to save the other.

"So what happens now Sarge" says Cooney, straightening up and looking at the clipboard over the Sergeants’ shoulder.

"You know what happens now, in roughly a week's time you get to take on the 'road to hell' course, and if you can do that in under 15 minutes 27 seconds you will beat the record held by Major Budd, which will probably mean he'll come back down here to spank your record" laughed Paterson "OK boys hit the showers I want you all in full dress uniform on the parade square in 30 minutes."

"One moment Sergeant" shouted a voice from behind him, Paterson swung round to see RSM Faulkner striding towards him at speed, "I need to speak with you urgently, men assemble yourselves over there by the hydrant" he said pointing at a fire hydrant about 100 feet away.

As the men jog over to the Hydrant and stand in line at ease, Faulkner puts his arm around Paterson's shoulder "Walk with me for a minute" he says.

"What do you think is happening" McDaid enquired.

"Gonna be another drill, fire drill, marching drill, burning building drill, pneumatic drill...pfftt" replied Cooney trailing off his sentence in laughter.

Faulkner looks back at them over Paterson's shoulder "I said stand over there, I didn't stay stand over there and make jokes, gentleman you will stand there to attention and you will be silent" he continued his conversation with Paterson, before they both turned and walked over to the men.

"OK let's do this quickly, Cooney and McDaid you remain here, the rest of you fall out and get showered.

The other soldiers ran off double time to the barracks, McDaid and Cooney remained at attention, fearing they were in trouble for the earlier fooling around.

"At ease men" said Faulkner, " I was called earlier today by Major Budd, he asked me who was my top soldier, not just the best we have here at the rapid response centre, no he wants the best man we have in the entire SAS, so I told him that we have two men, you two!, that are virtually inseparable in your abilities whether it be counter terrorism, or survival skills."

Cooney raised his hand and asked "Sir why does he want this person?"

"Put your hand down and you'll find out Cooney, all I've been briefed is it's for a mission on foreign soil and is a level 4 security, so you can imagine it's going to be very dangerous whatever it is, and if they want the best, then they really are worried about the missions survival rate."

"Sir I would like to volunteer."

"Oh don't worry Cooney I've already volunteered you, what I want to know is if McDaid wants to go as well."

"Yes sir I also would like to volunteer, but I thought he was after one man"

"I told him about you two and he said he will take you both, but before you commit McDaid remember this, once you say yes you will be briefed, once you are briefed you are in, and there is no getting out, they will not give you level 4 clearance and then allow you to drop out."

"Sir I would still like to volunteer."

"Good, both of you get your kit ready, a chopper will be arriving in 20 minutes to take you to the mission command centre. Go, go go."

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