Little Things

When One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour gets into a horrible accident, and isn't able to go on tour with them, Simon decides to find a replacement on YouTube and comes across a 16 year old brunette with a voice of an angel. She happens to go by the name of Mikayla Lloyd. Who'll fall for the flawless girl with the green eyes? Will Mikayla find out about her step-sister? Or will something happen that makes her run away from her comfort zone paradise?


5. You're insecure

Niall's POV.

"Niall come on! Slow down!" Mikayla whined from behind me. "Oh quit whining! We have to catch that bus!" I told her as we were running towards the bus stop. There was a red double decker bus heading towards the bus stop we were alighting at. "Fine!" She huffed and grabbed onto my hand so I could pull her along. The second her skin came in contact with mine, the same jolts of electricity from the time she laid her head on my shoulder went through my entire body, sending shivers down my spine.

When we finally reached the bus, it had only just arrived at the stop. "Phew." Mikayla sighed, and to my distraught, she let go of my hand, heading towards the upper deck. "The view is so nice from up here!" She squealed and leaned over the edge looking down at the cars passing us. She sat herself onto the seat and sighed in exhaustion. I smiled and sat next to her. Then she jolted up with her idea face. "we should take a photo!"

She pulled out her phone, opening up the camera app and leaning her face close to mine.

Mikayla's POV.

I decided to do something crazy, yeah ikr? Me? Something crazy? Doesn't really scream out me... But you know :P YOLO. Jk I fucking hate that saying... oh well. As I held the phone in front of us with my finger hovered over the capture button, I quickly turned my head and kissed Niall on the cheek, snapping the photo. I quickly removed my lips from his cheek and giggled embarrassed.

He looked at me with red cheeks and flashed me a cheeky grin before grabbing my phone and positioning it for another photo.
I smiled at the camera, and at the last minute Niall turned his head to kiss my cheek in return. This made me gasp slightly and I'm pretty sure my cheeks were red in the photo. I fell like such a school girl right now... As I felt the heat continue to rise, I turned my face away from his with a huge smile on my face. "That's definitely going on twitter." I said still not looking at him.

I heard him chuckle as he reached over to me, pulling my chin so I was facing him. I guess I must have gotten lost in his eyes because I didn't realize the bus was stopping before both Niall and I fell off our chairs, me on top of him. We laughed and quickly got up so that we didn't miss our stop. I guess I wasn't the only one distracted. Glad to know.

"Where are we Niall?" I asked looking around. I've never been to London before so all this was super new to me. "Look up." He told me and I did so, feeling joy start to overwhelm me. He had brought me to Big Ben! "Oh... My... Gosh..." I whispered before I jumped onto him, in a hug of course. "Thank you for bringing me here Niall." I mumbled into his neck. I felt him smile against my skin, sending fireworks erupting everywhere.

My mum told me that my Dad had promised to take me here when I was younger... He obviously didn't but, you know. There was just that special connection... "Could you take a photo of me?" I asked handing him my phone. "Of course love." He said taking it gently from my hand. I smiled gratefully before skipping over to stand in camera's view.

"Say cheese!" Niall called and I blew a kiss at the last moment. Oh how I wish he knew it was for him. "This picture's actually really nice!" He commented as he handed the phone back. I smiled and nodded agreeing. It was so perfect... I don't know how since I was no where near that. But at least this made me feel even the slightest bit pretty.

"Excuse me?" I asked a fairly young lady who was standing with her probably 7 year old daughter at her feet. "Yes sweetheart?" She replied smiling sweetly at me. "Do you mind taking a photo of me and my friend with Big Ben in the background?" I asked politely. "Of course not!" She said taking my phone from me.

I pulled Niall with me to stand in at the spot where I was. I wrapped my arms around his torso and he wrapped an arm around my waist. We both smiled at the camera as the nice lady snapped it. "Thank you so much!" I said taking my phone back from her. "Your welcome love. You and your boyfriend look absolutely lovely together!" She said giving me a toothy smile. "Oh- uh he's not my boyfriend." I told her blushing furiously. "Oh, well you would make an adorable couple." She commented before taking her child's hand and pulling her along.

I smiled at the thought of Niall and I being a couple... But, for some reason it seemed almost impossible... "What was that about?" He asked putting his arm back around my waist. I felt so safe... Like nothing could ever go wrong. And I was sure nothing could. As long as Niall was with me. "Oh nothing. Come on! Where to next?" I asked, changing the subject as fast as possible. He looked at me skeptically before shrugging and smiling down at me.

"How does ice cream at the best ice cream parlor in London sound?" He asked waggling his eyebrows. I giggled at how cute he looked and nodded. "That sounds amazing." I told him and he removed his arm from my waist to hold me hand as we strolled down the streets of London. We were heading towards a row of small cute shops. Something I was excited to see. London was definitely know for their exceptional self-owned businesses.

We stopped in front of a cute ice cream parlor that wasn't too big or too small. It was very cozy looking and I just couldn't wait to be inside. "We're here." Niall told me as he pushed the door open making the bell at the top of the door chime sweetly. "Hello Mrs. Potts!" Niall greeted the lady at the counter. That was also the shop's name. 'Mrs. Potts' ice cream parlor'...

"Oh hello Niall! Fancy seeing you here again!" She smiled warmly at me. "Now who's this love? Hello sweetheart, I'm Linda Potts." She said holding out her hand to shake. I gladly took it smiling sweetly at her. "Hi Mrs. Potts! I'm Mikayla. Niall tells me this is the best ice cream parlor in London." I told her making Niall grin cheekily at her. "Why, how sweet of you Niall." She said to Niall then turned her attention back to me. "So what can I get you love?"

I though for a while, looking through the variety of flavors when my eyes wandered upon Niall who was looking at me intently. I suddenly felt a wave of insecurity wash over me, and it took everything in me not to run my fingers through my hair and fix my top slightly. My cheeks started to burn and I couldn't help but smile slightly. Oh, what this boy does to me. "Uhm, can I have the pistachio and almond one?" I asked politely and she smiled brightly. "Very nice choice." She commented before taking a come and scooping up the ice cream.

"What about you dear?" She asked looking at Niall expectantly. "Cookies & cream please." He requested with his sweet Irish accent. "Alright. There you go sweetheart." She said handing me my cone. "Thank you." I smiled taking a lick off it. "And there you go." She handed Niall his and washed the scoopy thingy...

"So how much is that Mrs. Potts?" Niall asked politely. He was so courteous... "Oh don't be silly! It's on me!" She told us and shooed us. "Now go on, I'm sure you two have got lots of exploring to do." She winked at Niall. We both thanked her before leaving the parlor to cross the road. "Park?" I asked Niall. "Sure." He replied and grabbed hold of my hand once again. This, made me blush... Again.

Niall's POV.

I saw her blush and I smiled. I had that kind of effect on her... We were walking down the path, laughing and talking, till we came across an empty playground. This one was smaller than the others so I guess that's why. "Niall the branch-" I heard Mik call out but it was too late, I tripped over but managed to flip over just in time for Mikayla to trip over me and fall on top of me. "We need to stop falling." She giggled. I felt her breath tickle my lips as her face hovered inches from mine.

I stared helplessly into her eyes feeling myself go back to that paradise I got lost in the first time. Before I knew it, we were both leaning in and soon enough our lips brushed past each other. Okay, that's it. I though before placing my palm at the back of her head pulling it closer to my face so I could kiss her properly. I felt her smile against my lips, myself mirroring her actions. She had her legs on either side of me and she was sitting on my stomach. She placed her hands at the sides of my face, her fingers tangled in the hairs at the back of my neck.

To my distraught, I soon became out of breath and she did too, causing us both to pull out slowly, leaving a tingly feeling left on my lips. Her lips were so soft, and from what I know, they were never chapped.... I just wanted to feel them on mine again. She smiled up at me running her fingers through my hair. "I think it's about time we get back aye Nialler?" She asked pecking me once more on the lips. "Sounds good to me." I said leaning my forehead on mine.

"You first love." I said smirking as I held the door open for her. She grinned kissing my cheek and skipping into the apartment. "Wait, shhshhh! They're watching Paranormal Activity 4! How abouts we give them a little scare aye mate?" She whispered sniggering, a hint of evil in her eye. "Sure." I smiled wickedly. "HELLOOOOOO LADS." She shouted causing everyone to jump five feet in the air. Both of us literally tripped over each other laughing. We seemed to be doing this quite often lately. "What the fuck?!" Louis yelled, his hand over his heart.

"You guys suck." Zayn said huffing like a child. "So-sorry -ahahha- we-we couldn't h-help ourselves." I stuttered out between laughs. Liam just shook his head laughing at us, then helping me up. Lyana went over to help Mik and they both placed us on the vacant couch. "So what's been happening with you two aye?" Harry asked smiling knowingly at the two of us.

"Just, ice cream and... Stuff." Mikayla said blushing furiously beside me. I giggled at how cute she looked and Lyana nodded over to her. "Ohhh, I see." Dina said winking at the two of us. Mik chuckle throwing the pillow that she sat on at her mum mumbling a soft "shut up." Her mum just laughed and put the pillow under her, sitting on it.

"I think I'm going to go sleep. You coming?" Mikayla announced getting up. "Sure." I said taking her hand and we both went to our room. "Have fun you two! Not too much fun." Harry said winking. "Shut up mate." I warned before turning and shutting the door behind me. "You don't mind me just sleeping in track bottoms do you?" I asked making sure she wasn't uncomfortable with it. "Sure." She smiled shyly as she dug into her bag, probably for her pjs.

"I'll go change in the bathroom if you'd like?" I offered taking my sweats from the closet. "Yeah, thanks." She smiled gratefully then I turned to go into the bathroom. Oh how I wish she wasn't so shy...

Mikayla's POV.

As he closed the door I quickly pulled my clothes off, slipping my light blue satin shorts and my grey tank top on. Yeah so basically, I hated sleeping in long pants. But I was so insecure... I hated my body. No matter how many times Lyana would tell me "you're body's fine!" Or "babe, you're even fitter than I am!" But I'd never believe her. So standing in Niall's room, in just my tank top and shorts, you'd understand why I felt uncomfortable.

I stuffed my previous clothes into my bag before running under the covers and completely covering my body. Okay, so I admit... My body wasn't that bad looking... Flat stomach, toned thighs and calves, toned arms... I dunno, I just never felt confident about my body. Soon Niall walked out of the bathroom... Shirtless. Fuck.

He climbed under the covers and shuffled over to me. He chuckled "why so far away? I'm not gonna bite..." He said opening his arms. I smiled giving in to the adorable face he was making and laid onto his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. "Good night Nialler." I mumbled, snuggling my face into his chest. "Good night Mik." He said kissing my forehead, then I let sleep embrace me.

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