Little Things

When One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour gets into a horrible accident, and isn't able to go on tour with them, Simon decides to find a replacement on YouTube and comes across a 16 year old brunette with a voice of an angel. She happens to go by the name of Mikayla Lloyd. Who'll fall for the flawless girl with the green eyes? Will Mikayla find out about her step-sister? Or will something happen that makes her run away from her comfort zone paradise?


6. Re-living Those Moments

Niall's POV.

"Niall, Niall come on... We have an interview in an hour." I heard Louis say as he shoved me slightly. "Alright, alright I'm up." I muttered as I pushed him to the side so I could get up and stretch. I turned to see Mikayla sleeping peacefully,  her brown hair resting on her bare shoulder. I just wanted to kiss the revealed skin and–

"Mate... Mate you alright?" Louis asked looking at me funny. "Oh-uh.... Yeah I'm fine." I chuckled slightly under my breath as I felt my cheeks burn. "Okay... Well hurry up and get ready, wake Mik up too. She's coming along." Then he left the room.

I really didn't want to wake her from the  adorable state she was in, but it had to be done.

Mikayla's POV.

"Mikayla... Mik love wake up." Niall's sweet Irish accent rug throughout my ears, he was shaking me gently. But me, being the stubborn person I truly was, I didn't budge. I continued to lie there with my eyes closed. "Alright..." I heard him think aloud "maybe I'll try this." Then I felt his soft lips come in contact with mine, making me smile instantly.

I licked his bottom lip and he parted his lips slightly so I could slip my tongue in. We were making out for a good 3 minutes before Lyana came barging in. I quickly pulled away and I can bet you, my cheeks were the reddest anyone will ever see them. "Oh! Sorry! I just came to check on you guys... We have to leave soon so skip the shower and just change. Now." She told us quickly before going out.

Niall smiled at me and we both burst out in laughter. "Alright, come on we have to change!" I said seriously and tried my hardest to control my laughter. I walked to my suitcase and pulled out my peach jeans, my cream floral strapless romper top with my nude lace-up platform boots.

Niall had gone into the bathroom to change so I quickly slipped them on and put a belt over my waist. As I was tying up my shoes Niall re-entered the room in his classic red polo top, khaki chinos and white high-tops. I chuckled and grabbed my carnation colored leather jacket as Niall grabbed his grey one. "Hat?" I asked eyeing my favorite fedora. "Nahh, we'll be indoors anyway." He told me then sat on the bed, obviously waiting for me.

I went into the bathroom and brushed through the knots that formed while I slept. I put some eyeliner and mascara, then added a hint of strawberry red lipgloss to finish. I decided to let my hair down then strolled out to Niall. "Ready love?" He asked getting up and absentmindedly fixing his quif. "Yep." I replied popping the p and following him out the door.

"Okay let's go!" Simon said heading out the front door. Lyana came over and locked arms with me as we walked behind everyone else. "Soooo, stayed the night with Niall aye babe?" I chuckled and shook my head, blushing furiously. "Not that I had a choice anyway. But then again, not complaining." I said leaning into her side. "Awww, Mikki's in lurveeeeeeee." She teased bumping her hips with mine. "Oh shut it you. I am not in love, I simply fancy Niall... A lot." I told her, trying my hardest to hide my face.

Did I love him? Was I just lying to myself because I was scared of the truth? I was snapped out of my thoughts by Niall coming over and taking hold of my hand. "Hey." I said smiling down at our hands. "Helloooooo." He answered, his Irish accent once again taking control. "So who's the interviewer?" I asked curiously. "Alan Carr." Liam told us, smirking as he went beside Lyana.

"Yay!" I was super excited to me meet Alan. I've wanted to meet him since the first time One Direction featured on his show! He's absolutely hilarious. Niall smiled at my excitement and started swinging our hands back and forth. When we reached the lobby, the same black limo was parked right in front of the entrance.

We all piled in, I was in between Niall and Louis with Zayn at the end. Opposite us was Simon on the side, Harry next to him, Lyana, then Liam. "So what's going to happen is, the boys are going to go on first, then Alan is going ask about you, then you're going to go in alright?" Simon explained to me. I nodded understanding and sat back into my seat. My palms began to feel clammy as I started to feel nervous. Niall obviously realized because he leaned over to my ear "Don't be nervous. Alan's gonna love you." He whispered soothingly. I smiled nodding, my nervousness soon disappearing.

"Alright guys we're here." Paul announced before opening the doors for us. We all piled out and entered the big glass building, being escorted by an assistant by the name of Zana. "Alright so you all know what to do when your name is called, but for you, I'll tell you when you need to enter the stage alright?" I nodded and Niall took hold of my hand. We were lead to our dressing rooms to get prepared and stuff. There was a variety of make-up on the counter in front of the mirror so I decided to touch up my make-up slightly.

I put on a light layer of peach pink eyeshadow and put another layer of eyeliner over my old one. I picked up the lipgloss closest to the color of mine and painted a small amount onto my lips. I smiled at the mirror and saw Lyana standing in the doorway, staring at me. "What?" I asked smiling softly. She giggled and came over, wrapping her arms around me, in a hug. "I'm so proud of you babe." She whispered and kissed my hair. "Thank you for convincing me to do that cover." I said sincerely.

"Sorry to interrupt Ms. Lloyd, but they're ready for you." Zana told me, popping her head through the door. "Alright thanks." I hugged Lyana once more before following Zana to the top of a series of steps. "This leads to the stage. When you hear Alan say "Let us all welcome Mikayla Lloyd" you walk down and wave at the crowd alright?" She directed me. I nodded and soon enough it was time for me to enter.

"LET'S ALL GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO ONE DIRECTION'S NEW OPENING ACT, MIKAYLA INDIANA LLOYD!" The whole crowd cheered and I walked down the stairs, careful not to fall. I waved at the crowd earning a loud cheer and claps. "Hello lovely." Alan greeted, standing so he could give me a hug. "Hi! It's amazing to meet you." I smiled warmly then realized there was no space left on the couch, due to the fact there were 5 fatties sitting on it. Hahahah, jk. Pretty well-built if you ask me.

"Oh dear, there seems to be no space for you to sit!" Alan said, he obviously didn't think this through. "That's not a problem, she can sit on Niall." Harry suggested smirking. I felt myself blush and Niall opened his arms for me to sit. The whole crowd cheered and I heard a few wolf-whistles here and there. I sat myself and Niall's lap as he wrapped his arms around my waist and put his chin on my shoulder. Did I mention I was no longer wearing my jacket? So my shoulders were pretty much bare.

The minute his chin came in contact with my shoulder, I just wanted to turn around and kiss him. But obviously, I had to control myself. "So Mikayla, tell us a little bit about yourself love." Alan told me, passing a cup of what looked like a fizzy drink. "Thank you. Uhm, like what?" I asked taking a sip of the appealing drink that made my taste buds dance around like crazies. "Well, how about we start at where are you from?"

"Worcestershire." I answered proudly. "Oooh, Worcestershire girl aye? Good choice lads." He winked at the 5 boys. We all laughed as I shook my head. "Alright, age?" These were easy questions... Me likey. Haha. "16. 17 in March, in two months!" I grinned I really couldn't wait until I turn 17. "Ahh, another year till you're legal!" I smiled and chuckled.

The whole interview consisted on questions on my early life, then at the end, a dance off. Which by the way, I completely trashed everyone. "This girl's got some skill!" Alan said in a failed ghetto accent, causing us all the burst into laughter. "Thank you." I said and snapped my fingers in a Z formation. "Hey! That's my thing!" Louis yelled pouting. I chuckled and hugged Louis before Alan ended the show.

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you my dear." Alan said giving me one last hug. "Likewise." I smiled then we all headed back to the limo. "Had fun on Niall's lap Mik?" Zayn asked flashing me a cheeky smile. Of course, being my stupid self, I let myself blush like a pathetic school girl.

"Shut up Zayn." I mumbled, hiding my face in Lyana's shoulder, she was sitting next to me. I knew Niall was smiling... I could just tell somehow. "Let's go for ice cream then." Harry suggest smiling over at Lyana. Ooooooh Zayn's got some competition here. I saw Lyana blush when she realized Harry was staring at her. Awe. "Ice cream sounds great." Liam agreed then told Paul where we wanted to go.

The minute we arrived at the parlor, Niall opened the door and pulled me into the parlor with him at the speed of light. "Woah woah, slow down there tiger." I chuckled looking at the flavors. One in particular caught my eye. "Lychee sherbet." I said politely to the lady behind the counter. She nodded smiling then handed me my cone of ice cream. I was about to get my wallet when Niall literally pushed me out of the way. "How much for both?" He asked and took his wallet out instead.

"Niall" I whined. He was paying for my ice cream and wouldn't even let me argue. I really didn't like it when people bought things for me, when I was capable of doing it myself. "Don't Niall me. I'm paying, end of discussion." He said then we walked to a separate table from the others. "What's wrong with our friends?" I asked confused. He chuckled and shook his head. "There's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to re-live the moment at the parlor yesterday, just more talking than walking." He smiled. "Awwwww." I gushed. I felt needed... I felt wanted. I felt real. Niall made me feel real. And I liked that.

I started licking mine and Niall just stared at me intently, like he was thinking about something... Me being my curious self, I had to find out what was going through his mind. "Niall, what you thinking about?" I realized how British my accent was sounding... Wow. He smiled slightly and shook his head, making his hair go in all sorts of places. I giggled and helped him fix it from across the table. "So what are you thinking about?" I asked again.

"Want me to confess?" He asked me, out of the blue. I was so confused... "Sure...?" I agreed curiously. "Okay, this is 100% honest. You are the best thing that has EVER stumbled into my life. I don't know what I'd do without you. I know I haven't known you for long but, you make me smile. No matter what you do.. Even if it's unintentional. I feel like I've known you forever. You're so damn cute and I honestly can say I don't want anyone but you." I was speechless. I didn't know what to say and I was literally on the verge of tears. What he said was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I know exactly how to respond.

"Well what if I could be yours, as long as you promise to be mine?" I smiled and looked up at him through my think bed of lashes. "I promise." He said before coming over to my side and kissing me sweetly. It had so much meaning behind it and I didn't even know I could feel this way... About anyone. Maybe... Maybe I was in love with Niall James Horan. But I was in love with the Niall from Ireland, the one who won't stop eating until he runs out of food. But most importantly, the Niall I had spent my day with yesterday. That, is the Niall I fell for. And I'm not afraid to admit it anymore.

Niall's POV.

OMG SHE hypothetically SAID YES! I'm glad that she get's to be the one I've waited so long for. And I hope she does too. We just sat there talking for a little while longer, then she turned and looked at the lot of them. They were all scattered around too. Louis and Harry on one table, Zayn, Liam and Lyana on another, then Simon and Paul sat on their own probably talking about some form of business.

I kept noticing how Harry would glance at Lyana ever so often... It was pretty obvious he liked her. But knowing Harry, he was probably just going to break her heart. I know Mikayla wouldn't be very happy about that. "Lyana and Zayn have a history you know..." Mik said, noticing my stare. "Really?"

"Yeah... We were in Bradford, in 2009... Lyana had bumped into Zayn on a sidewalk and they went out for the whole time we were there... But then Lyana found out he had actually been dating someone. She was pretty much broken but, she didn't let that effect what they'd had. They promised to meet again... I guess they have." She explained looking thoughtfully at Lyana.

"Well he may not be the only one who fancies her..." I mumbled and took another bite of my ice cream. "Harry?" I nodded. "I'm just saying... She should be careful. I mean, Harry's my best mate and all but, he's not the best at long term relationships like Zayn..." I told her realizing how weird I sounded. "It's cute that you care." She giggled and kissed my hand. "But I'm sure she can take care of herself."

I hope she was right...

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