Little Things

When One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour gets into a horrible accident, and isn't able to go on tour with them, Simon decides to find a replacement on YouTube and comes across a 16 year old brunette with a voice of an angel. She happens to go by the name of Mikayla Lloyd. Who'll fall for the flawless girl with the green eyes? Will Mikayla find out about her step-sister? Or will something happen that makes her run away from her comfort zone paradise?


3. Meeting my dreams.

Mikayla's POV.

"Mik, Miki... We're here," I heard Lyana shout-whisper excitedly. I turned the other way. "Give me five more minutes..." I mumbled. Lyana tried a different approach. "Oh look it's Cher!" Lyana screamed into my ear and I shot right out of my seat looking around me. "Where? Where?!" I asked frantically.
She giggled.

"On her Sticks + Stones tour but we're in London Mik. We're actually in London!" I shook my head in disbelief wondering if I was still dreaming. "Pinch me Yana," I asked her and she did. I felt it alright. "OW!" I complained. She shrugged her shoulders and battered her eyelashes at me innocently. I couldn't stay mad at that girl. As her words began sinking in my eyes grew wider and I ran over to a plane window looking outside. This was it! I crossed my fingers hoping for the best.

The minute I set foot on the ground, two well-built men came over introducing themselves as Paul and Greg.

"Come on, we have to go!" Paul said and we were whisked away to god knows where. We were escorted into a long white limo and as soon as I set eyes on the inside I could not believe my eyes. The 5 most perfect British boys, in the entire world, sat there with huge smiles on their faces. Not to mention, they were staring at us.

"Hello lovelies." Louis said in his lovable raspy voice, smiling brightly at the two of us. "Hello" the others said and let's just say, one of them definitely caught my eye. "Hi," I said slightly shy... So Lyana continued for me. "I'm Lyana and the wallflower over here is Mikayla." She smiled and I hit her lightly smiling shyly at the boys. "Awww! Don't be shy!" Zayn laughed and held his hand out to help me get in. I scrambled into the spacious limo trying to decide where to sit. "Sit here." Liam suggested patting a spot between himself and Niall. So I ended up between the Irish beaut and Daddy Direction.

Lyana happily sat next to Zayn and Louis and Harry sat on the end facing us. "So, tell us about yourselves." Niall grinning a toothy smile at me. Ohhhh my gosh. "Uhm, where should I start? Oh wait, I forgot... I don't have a lot to talk about..." I chuckled sarcastically. Niall smirked and nudged me. "Yeah right, beautiful girl like you? No life? Pfshhh puh-lease." He said shaking his head.

"I dunno..." I mumbled blushing slightly, looking down. "Okay, well how old are you?" Harry asked helping me a little. I giggled softy and looked around realizing everyone was now staring at me. "16..." I said hardly audible. Lyana decided to humor me. "I-I'm sorry, what was that?" She asked in a smart ass tone. "Oh, humor me Yana." I chuckled and laid back into my seat.

"What about you?" Zayn asked turning to Lyana. "17." She said proudly. "Ohhh, almost legal aye." Liam joked waggling his eyebrows. We all burst into laughter, surprisingly myself as well. "Yeahhhh man." Lyana said grinning huge. "How about we play 20 questions?" Zayn suggested winking at the two of us. "Sure." I said smiling. I was slowly warming up to them... But I still wasn't too sure about how I felt about this. "Okay, 1. Mikayla, what's your nickname?" Louis asked leaning forward. "Mik." I answered simply and they all nodded. I'm guessing that's my new name then.

"2. Lyana have you ever gone clubbing?" Niall asked nodding over to her. "No. Because both Mik and I weren't old enough anyway. Plus, we both'd much rather stay home eating Ben & Jerry's than go out and get drunk..." Lyana explained. Harry nodded and the whole game just consisted of simple questions like that. "So where's your mum and dad?" Zayn asked.

"Oh uhm... My mum's sitting in the front with the driver. My dad, he uh.... He left. And I... I don't really talk to him." I said looking down. My eyes started to sting and I felt myself being pulled into a hug. I inhaled his scent not wanting to let go, and from the looks of it, he didn't either. "I'm so sorry." Niall whispered into my hair and we pulled out. Yeah I was pretty gutted he let go but... You know. "So your surname... It's from him?" Louis asked softly. Lyana nodded and helped me to explain. "When Mik's dad left, she was only 3. She didn't know anything that was going on so she doesn't know anything about her dad. No name, no location. All she knows is that his last name is Lloyd and he probably had a second family before Mikayla was born."

The boys all gave me sympathetic looks and apologized for bringing it up. "It's fine, really. I just... I feel so abandoned. He left my mum on her own to take care of me. Yeah he sent money every month but he left without saying goodbye. He calls my mum sometimes but she never lets me talk to him. Quite frankly I'm not sure if I wanted to either... I just want to know who he is." I said and put my head on Niall's shoulder.

Then I spotted a fridge... Well, at least that's what I think it is. It was more of a latch on the floor. I tugged on it, opening it wide open to reveal 7 bottles of mango juice. "YAY!" I cheered and took one closing it again. Everyone looked at me funny so I just shrugged my shoulders leaning my head back onto Niall's shoulder. I don't know about you, but I think I saw Niall blush... Nah. That's impossible.

Niall's POV.

The minute her soft hair came in contact with my neck, I felt jolts of electricity shoot through my entire body. I don't know why.. But I've become so fond of this girl, really quickly... Maybe... Maybe this is what I've waited for. She could be my savior.

We stopped in front of the huge black, grey and white building the boys and I call home. "Here we are." Louis told the girls proudly, then he stepped out first, helping Lyana out. Liam got out too, helping Mikayla out. I stepped out after her and caught up to walk next to her.

When we walked through the front doors, Simon immediately came up to us with a huge smile on his face. "Ahh, so you must be Mikayla and Lyana am I right?" The girls nodded putting their hands out for a shake. Simon took it gracefully thanking them for coming. Mikayla just stood there and smiled while Lyana talked away.

Her smile was angelic and she just looked so perfect standing there with her bright green eyes shining in the light-- wait hold up, I'm seriously starting to sound like Romeo right about now. "So Mikayla and Lyana are going to be in one of the spare bedrooms, and Dina if that's okay, you'll be staying in the other spare bedroom." Simon explained to them, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah that's fine." Mikayla said, speaking for the first time since the car ride. I smiled at how sweet her voice sounded, even when she spoke. If only she knew...

Zayn's POV.

I stood there next to Louis watching Lyana and Mikayla talk to Simon about the sleeping arrangements. "Wait, boys are there two or one spare bedrooms in your apartment?" Simon asked, mainly at Liam. He thought for a minute before his eyes went wide. "One..." He trailed off. "Uhm is it okay if one of you sleeps in on of the boys' rooms?" Simon asked. Mikayla giggled and nodded "I don't mind." She stated smiling at the us.

"She could sleep in mine?" Niall offered, stepping forward to stand next to Simon. "Do you mind?" He asked looking at Mikayla. "Not at all." She said flashing him a toothy smile before intertwining her hands with Lyana. Ahh, I see Nialler has a crush aye? I looked over at Louis to see he was already looking over at me. I gave him a look that said "You thinking what I'm thinking?" He nodded and grinned. Time to get these two love birds together.

Then there's Lyana... The oh-so-gorgeous Lyana. I definitely don't regret meeting her in Bradford those years ago. I wonder if she remembers me... I stood there admiring her dirty blond hair that had definitely grown longer since we met. Her eyes were still the same mesmerizing blue that took my breath away when I first laid eyes on her... I just hope she still feels the same.

Lyana's POV.

If Mikayla hadn't stepped in and offered to bunk with the boys, I don't know how I'd be able to cope with staying in the same room as them. Sure I was outgoing... But that went up to an extent. Though, if it was me who was to bunk with the boys, I guess I'd probably stay with the sexy- no sorry, uhm... Nice? Bradford bad boy. Okay no. Oh hell with it. SEXY AS AJDKFHS BRADFORD BADBOY. But, then there's the Perrie "rumor" thingy..... Sigh.

Mik intertwined her hand in mine and I smiled as I started to swing our hands back and forth. I caught Zayn sneaking a few glances at me as he spoke to Liam and Harry about something. I felt my cheeks start to burn and I mentally smacked myself for letting myself blush. Mik giggled from beside me, obviously noticing my unusual flush of pink. "Shut it you." I mumbled into my palm as I covered my cheeks.

"Alright come on girls, let's go up." Dina said following Simon into the lifts. I saw Niall head over to walk next to Mikayla and I definitely saw her blush. Louis walked over to me and he whispered into my ear. "Well someone has a crush aye scarlet cheeks?" This only made my cheeks burn more. I playfully punched him in the shoulder as we stopped in front of the lifts.

"Okay, 6 in one lift, 5 in the other." Simon told us getting into the lift that just arrived. Paul walked in with him, followed by Dina, Liam, Harry, and Zayn. "Looks like we're going in the next one." Mikayla stated smiling up at Niall. Aw.

Mikayla's POV.

I don't know why, but when I looked up at Niall, it almost seemed as though he felt the same. No, that's impossible. Why would Niall Horan, member of the biggest boy band in the world, like some wallflower from London with the voice of nothing compared to his... I sighed at the thought and Niall looked at me confused. I gave him a fake smile and squeezed Lyana's hand that was still in mine.

The lift finally arrived and we all piled in, Niall never leaving my side. I felt comfortable next to him. I felt safe... Thank The Lord I was staying in his room. "Wait, where's our bags?" Lyana asked out of the blue as I looked up at the reflection at the top of the elevator. This moment was just so perfect... My arm was still linked with Niall and it actually looked like we were a couple. I liked it that way.

"The bellboys are bringing them up for us." Niall explained smiling down at me, much like how I smiled up at him. I just kinda stood there letting myself get lost into his baby blue orbs. "Mik, Niall, we're here." Louis said standing outside the doors of the lift. I felt my cheeks burn as I looked down at the floor. Niall chuckled and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the lift. I smiled and stumble after him until we reached apartment 23. How ironic...

As soon as he opened the door I was super surprised... It looked so... Normal? I mean, don't take it the wrong way or anything but... I thought maybe they would've had a designer for their apartment or something... Whatever. "Welcome to our lovely apartment we call homeeeeee. Mi casa you casa." Louis said in his strong British accent. I smiled and ran to jump on his back only to be carried up by Harry. He swung me around making me giggle uncontrollably.

"Put me down styles!" I squealed still laughing. He chuckled and put me down, but not before ruffling up my hair. "Hey!" I said messing his up too. But knowing him, he made a hugeeeee deal out of it. "My hair! OMG my hair! You messed up my hair!" He yelled dramatically and fell to his knees.

I smiled and kneeled down in front of him and pushed his hair back to the side and helped him style it slightly better. He looked up and smiled. I gave him a toothy smile then scrunched up my nose at him before getting up again. There was a knock on the door and soon enough our bags were being dragged in by Paul and Greg. I took my bags and Niall led me to his room.

"Sorry there's only one bed..." He said scratching the back of his neck. "It's fine, we'll share." I replied smiling at him. I don't know where this sudden confidence had come from, but I like it. I pulled my bags over to the side wall and placed it onto the ground... "So what are we doing today?" I asked him plopping down onto the dark blue duvet that laid on his bed. "Uhm, how about we go around for a bit? Just you and me? I know a really nice ice cream parlor not far from here and I'd really like to get to know you better." Niall suggested nervously and looked down at his shoes. I smiled at how cute he looked. "Sounds great."

It was pretty cold here in London so I put my cardigan into my bag, pulling out my black leather jacket. "Ready?" Niall asked from the doorway. "Yup." I stated popping the p, then following him to the living room. "We're going out!" Niall shouted before pulling me out the door and into the lift. I laughed at how eager he was to just get out of there but didn't question it.

"So where to first Mr. Horan?"

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