Little Things

When One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour gets into a horrible accident, and isn't able to go on tour with them, Simon decides to find a replacement on YouTube and comes across a 16 year old brunette with a voice of an angel. She happens to go by the name of Mikayla Lloyd. Who'll fall for the flawless girl with the green eyes? Will Mikayla find out about her step-sister? Or will something happen that makes her run away from her comfort zone paradise?


4. **Author's note**

Hey my amazing readers, I'm so sorry if you were disappointed that this wasn't a chapter but please take a moment to read this...


I've started a new movella called "He's Mine" but I won't be starting it until maybe late January. There will be a prologue but no chapters yet. Though, if I get some requests to start it early, I might do so... :) Also, if you haven't already, please read my other movella "I'm Glad You Came Back". It would mean so much!


Thank you all for reading this movella and liking, favorite-ing it and commenting. Love you guys <3

-Sarah xx

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