Never let me go!

this is about a girl named ruby who was abandoned by her parents at the age of . just as she’s turning eighteen. she thing she’s been abandoned by her adoption parents. but she isn’t because her adoption parents things she old enough to take care of her own life know. Although she loves her adoption parents a lot she’s unsure is she should stay and let them go.


1. problems when she was born

Waking up seeing mum and dad sitting there watching me whilst I woke up. When I woke up they was so happy to see me. in fact they even when I was crying she would laugh at me. and cuddle me up tight to her chest. I felt like my mummy’s and daddy’s little angel they would even identify that I had mummy’s nose, daddy’s eyes. But when the nurse come in and said something to my mum and dad they didn’t looked most pleased at all. My dad and mum was shouting in my face causing me to cry  and at that moment I closed my eyes and opened them again I was in a room with other baby’s. I thought to myself what’s going on why am I in here and I heard the doctors talking about me so I knew something was wrong. Because they kept checking on me every five minutes they didn’t check any of the other babies it was just me.

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