Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


9. What went on last night? -Jodie-

It was soon six o'clock, I'd told Zayn about having to go to the pub with Niall and Liv but he didn't seem to mind.

Sophie had helped us get ready but I was still frantically brushing up on my make up. I scurried around the bathroom for some body spray, then suddenly I head a knock on the door, it was Olivia. She grinned at me and there stood Zayn and Niall.

" Are you ready? " Zayn asks.

" Just about, yeah."  I smiled shyly.

"Well you look, great. Wow. " He spluttered.

                                                                      *  * *

As we walked through the door to the pub, we were immediately greeted by waiters and led straight to our table.

" This place ain't half bad, for a pub." Laughed Niall.

Suddenly the pub doors flung open again and to my surprise, it was Louis!

Lou went up to the bar and then a minute later he waved a tray of vodka shots  around and came to Zayns side.

"This can't be a party without alcohol!" He grins.

" Louis' what are you doing here? It's not a par-" I stopped there, he was having fun, I couldn't tell Louis Tomlinson to go away?

We all sat on a nice, squishy couch; I was next to Zayn, his arm around me. I have to admit it felt amazing.

As the night went on we all got a bit drunk, however Louis was the drunkest of us all, he'd somehow got hold of my iPhone and was playing all sorts of songs, some I'd even forgotten about.

"Ooh Zaynie! We need to sing this one." Louis stood up, almost tripping over his own feet. He dragged Zayn off the couch to show him the song he'd selected on my phone. They both smiled and started singing along to it.

Niall rolled his eyes whilst me and Liv were in fits of laughter when we heard was song it was.

"Guy Love,

That's all it is,

Guy Love,

He's mine, I'm his,

There's nothing gay about it in our eyes!"

"OOH WHAT WOULD HARRY SAY ABOUT THIS THEN BOYS?" Niall shouted over the music.

Zayn and Louis stared at each other.

"Where the hell is Harry? He should be enjoying the PAR-TAAAYYY!" Louis said confused.

We all laughed, but I decided not to remind Louis of where Harry was.

After a few more drinks, Niall joined in with Zayn and Louis and  when the song ended they all hugged tightly, it was so cute!

As the night progressed we decided to go back to the house, Sophie was there to help clean up the continuous vomit in the bathroom.

Niall had now fallen asleep on the living room sofa whilst Louis was just sat on the floor talking to himself about random crap, close to falling asleep.

Olivia had gone up to help Sophie clear up the mess but me and Zayn went up to lie on the bed.

We talked for ages, about my home life and his, music, movies, all kind of things. It was nice talking to him alone.

"Did you mean what you said?" I asked him.


"At the airport, that we might not see each other again, once we get to Dublin?" I said sadly.

" Well..." He breathed heavily. " It would be awkward, I guess."

" Yeah. Yeah it would, sorry for bringing it up. " I sniffed.

"Did you want to, I mean would you... y'know, me and you? " Whispered Zayn as he stared into my eyes.

I laugh a little, " I'd like that." I smile, " A lot."  He laid back and kissed me, and I kissed him back.

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