Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


8. Shall we say 8? -Olivia-

I opened the door which led into the room Niall was sleeping in; it was bigger than I expected. I carefully shut the door, being careful not to wake him. To be honest, on a closer inspection, compared to the other rooms this one was pretty boring.

I walked over to Niall, his milky blonde hair nestled over one eye. I bent down and stroked his cheek.

"Morning sleepy head." I whisper softly into his ear.

He stretches and turns over to look at me. "Is is really still the morning?" He yawns.

"Just about. You've been up here for ages!" I laugh.

Niall sits up and takes my hand, " God, where are we? In some sort of dump?"

I laugh softly, " This place needs decorating compared to the rest of the house."

Niall looked confused, obviously know one had told him.

"I'll explain over breakfast." I went to get up to go down stairs but Niall pulled me back.

I rolled over next him, cheek to cheek, Niall smiled and murmured quietly in my ear. "What if I'm not that hungry?"

I stared deep into his glimmering eyes, his breathe heavy on my flushed face. I hesitated, slightly scared about what was going to happen next.

I took a long breathe and giggled childishly but before I could say anything we both heard someone stomping from the stairs.

I shot up and ran to door.


"No one can see us together it will-" my sentence was cut off by Jodie wrestling the door handle.

I twisted the door open and immediately Jodie pulled me into the next room.

"Whoa, someones excited!" I exclaimed.

Jodie got out her violet blackberry mobile and started scrolling through texts.

I drummed my fingers on the wooden table beside me but Jodie shoved her phone in front of my face.

'Just friends? Well, I think that needs 2 change, let's go out some time. Tonight at 8. meet me outside. x'

I read the message aloud and a huge grin spread across Jodie's face.

"Wow that's great Jodes!" I say enthusiastically however deep down, I know I'm very jealous.

" He he, I know but... anyway I need you to help me pick out an outfit? " She says excitedly.

Jodie went over to her suitcase and started rummaging through it.

Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I unlocked it. It was Niall; I blushed instantly.


"Huh? Oh." Jodie had two jumpers held up against her.

"Well? Which one should I wear?" She groaned impatiently.

I looked down at my phone again, " That one." I said and pointed in any direction.

"Olivia Michelle Jackson! Give me that phone, now!" She held her hand out.

"No!" I pouted. "Wear the red one, I love it! Go try it on!"

Jodie went into the bathroom to try her jumper on so I unlocked my phone again and looked at the text from Niall.

' If you won't stay with me at the house let's go out a have a drink tonight. There's a pub just down the road. Shall we say 8? xx '

I blinked at the text, a pub, seriously?

I looked up and there stood Jodie. " Wow. " I gazed up, " I love it, cute or what?"

Jodie laughed and stared into the mirror, " So who was text from? " she asked admiring herself.

" How do-?" I stuttered confused.

" Liv, it's so obvious! Duh. " She remarked. " Well, who was it from? " Jodie leaped onto the bed and shuffled beside me.

I showed her the text and her mouth dropped.

" A pub? Well that's romantic. " She said sarcastically.

" I know, but it's still a date! Come with me? " I beg her.

" What? No! I'm going out with Zayn at eight. " She says quickly.

I look up at her with my puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh, fine... well we better get everything ready!" She insists.

I wandered into the bathroom but Jodie stopped me. " Liv, we're going out to dinner, with One Direction!"

It had never really sunk in, that I was so close to probably the most widely loved pop stars but now that Jodie had mentioned, I guess it definitely wasn't a dream anymore.

" Oh, my, god! And I look a right mess! " I exclaim.

" Calm down, we've got ages! All day in fact. You don't have to worry either, you and Niall seem really close now. " Jodie smiles.

" I know but my hair needs to be straightened, I have makeup to do and I need to choose an outfit and I need to help yo-"

" Wear this. " Jodie holds up a tight leather jacket and some black skinny jeans. " Keep it simple, and your hair looks fine."

I stared down at the clothes she was going to wear. The dark red jumper that said  'Cherry Bomb' that I had chosen for her, along with some black jeggings and studded brown ankle boots.

" Shall I just wear my hair like this? " Asks Jodie, quickly tying her up into a neat bun.

" Zayn will love you just the way you are. " I smile at her.

I, however was going to wear my black 'Free Hugs' t-shirt underneath the leather jacket I borrowed off Jodie and some tight black skinny jeans. I ruffled my curly blonde locks in the mirror and sighed.

" I hate my hair, it's so annoying. " Why couldn't I have lovely, straight brown hair like Jodie?

" Niall will adore you. " She said back.

I smiled and nodded as I walked back into the bathroom humming 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars.


How will the date go? Will it all go to plan, or will it be a complete disaster?


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