Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


6. Just What I needed. -Olivia-

We ordered a huge cheesy pizza, no surprises who ate the most!

" You just had to choose this one to order, look how much cheese is on this!" I scrape a big clump of cheese off of my pizza and throw it onto Nialls napkin.

Niall laughs and pushes it away.

Suddenly Jodie picks up the pizza box and places it down on the table behind us.

"Oi!" The rest of us say in sync.

Jodie rolls her eyes and places her hands together, " I have a plan."

We all look blankly at her.

" Ugh, keep up guys!? Have you not realized that our flight left like, a few hours ago!" She says impatiently.

" Alright keep you knickers on, blimey girl." Zayn mutters.

Jodie glares at him then rolls her eyes towards to me, " Right, the plan is- Oh. My. God."

We all freeze and turn towards where Jodie was looking.

Linked arm in arm stood Louis and Sophie at the drinking bar at the far end of the pizza hut.

Sophie Wilson is Louis' third girlfriend. They have been dating for well over six months. Me and Liv, along with a distant friend Jas consider her as one of her role models.

Her long, thick chestnut hair flowed down her back, held out of her face with a soft baby pink flower clip. Big brown eyes coated in a thick layer of mascara was the highlight of her look. Sophie was almost as tall as Louis, possibly because she was a few years older than him.

Suddenly they both turn around to see us all, mouths wide open, staring at them confused.

Louis picks up his and Sophie's drink and carries it over to where we were sitting.

"Lou! You're-You, You're not on the plane!?" Zayn stuttered.

Sophie looked at me and Jodie and then twisted her arm round Louis' waist and whispered just loud enough for us to hear, "Lou, Hun, what's going on?"

Louis untangled himself from Sophie's grasp and shuffled himself in between me and Niall.

"Niall, explain will you?"

"We missed our flight, Liam and Haz are on the plane. Yeah you get the drift."

Sophie burst out laughing.

"Louis, can I speak to you?" Zayn said anxiously.

I decided to tag a long to.

"Why did you bring her!?" hissed Zayn.

"I couldn't just leave her could I? Anyway I thought I'd show her what life is like for me, plus I have a special surprise so zip it!" said Louis with a smile.

Me and Zayn raised an eyebrow and went back to our table.

"So Sophie, what'cha doing here?" I asked nervously.

"Well y'know living life and, trying to find a way to my baby's important gig!" She rolled her eyes.

" I'm ordering drinks, I can't deal with this." Niall grumbled.

Three pints of vodka down in half an hour.

Just what I needed.

I think?


This chapter isn't great but Chapter 7 will be up soon! SO you won't be dissapointed;))





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