Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


7. Just friends. Good Friends. -Jodie-

"Rise and shine love birds!" My eyes open to see Louis peering over me. I realized I was asleep over Zayn's shoulder and shot up in embarrassment, to my surprise so did Zayn.

"Oh don't be shy, you both looked cute together!" Louis said in a high pitched voice.

"Shut up." Grumbled Zayn sleepily. 

"Guys...where are we?" I shake my head confused. My head was throbbing , what happened last night?

"At Soph's grandmas she's on holiday." Smiled Louis.

" Does she know we're here?" Asked Zayn whilst pulling on a navy t-shirt.

"Well, she will." Replied Louis. " And last night, ah well let's say we all had a bit to much to drink. Especially you two..."

Me and Zayn both stared at each other worried.

"Ha! I'm messing with ya." Giggled Lou.

"Sorry about him, he doesn't know when to be quiet!" Smiled Zayn as he flung a pillow on top of Louis.

I laughed. " So where exactly are we?"

"Just down the road really, Sophie drove us here. Not sure how but here we are." Louis yawned.

He walked into the bathroom which left me and Zayn alone.

"Sorry for sleeping on you like that." I apologize to Zayn

"Hey, don't worry, I fell asleep on you as well." Zayn told me. " Maybe it happened for all the right reasons." He whispered softly. "Sorry that sounded stupid" He sniffed.

"It doesn't matter." I smiled shyly, reaching for the arm rest of the burgundy  velvet arm chair. God, this was becoming some sort of cheesy Rom-com - I was kind of liking it.

We got dressed and went into the kitchen. Wow. I thought to myself, this house is huge! The work surfaces were smooth marble with a purple tint. There were so many cupboards it made my head spin! I put some bread in the toaster and slouched back into the lounge.

"Mornin' guys." I walked over to Olivia and Sophie who were happily chatting.

"Brr, aren't you cold Jodes? All you're wearing is a thin t-shirt and leggings?" Sophie said shocked.

"Nah, I'm not. I'm going into the garden for some fresh air, anyone coming?" I had such a bad headache from last night.

"I'm fine in here." Olivia said. I turned my head to Sophie, " Brr, no way! Louis and Niall are still asleep I think, typical. But Zayn's out there I think."

I slipped on my multicolored flowery pumps and warm leather jacket. I pulled on my panda hat and went out.

I immediately saw Zayn standing on the patio smoking. That was the one thing I didn't like about him. I sighed and walked over to him, pulling my panda hat down over my eyebrows.

I felt the breeze and it made Zayn smile and he put his hat on to.

We stood there for ages, saying nothing and gazing over the morning dew that was resting on the acres of grass in front of us.

I stared down at the fag in his hand.

Zayn noticed me looking so he took one last smoke and put it down on the wooden table behind us. " Sorry I know you don't like me doing that. "

I didn't say anything but suddenly I felt warm fingertips interlock between mine. I smiled, my hands were so cold that the warmth sent shivers through me. I peered up at Zayn and he looked down at our hands.

"Sorry." He shook his head and slipped his hand back into his hoody pocket.

"Stop apologizing! You don't need to!" I chuckled. " I liked it." I told him.

He smiled back.


I jerked backwards and looked behind me, Sophie was up against the glass door shouting my name.

I ran inside, "What's happened!?" I gasp.

Olivia was sat in the corner literally pissing herself.

" Aww, all loved up are we J? Oh and your toast is just about ready." Olivia smirked.

I glared at her and went into the kitchen, smoke was coming from the toaster. Angrily I got the toast out but it was burnt to a crisp. I felt a hand on my shoulder, " Want me to make you some more?" I knew who it was and shaked him off. " No. I'm not hungry."

I stormed back into the lounge and switched on the T.V.

" So, this is your new girlfriend now, Zayn?" I hear Louis' voice say from the stairs.

Me and Zayn look at each other. All of his previous girlfriends had gotten so much hate before so I said " No, just friends. Good friends that's all."

Zayn got out his iPhone, I watched him closely then suddenly I heard, 'Beep. Beep' coming from my pocket.

I took out my phone, '1 new message' I opened it. Who could it be from, this early in the morning?

'Just friends? Well, I think that needs 2 change, let's go out some time. Tonight at 8. meet me outside. x'

I beamed from ear to ear. I knew exactly who it was from.

' C u then x.' I replied.



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