Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


3. Flight Number 207... -Jodie-

We had a sneak peak past the crowds of people and wandered into a quiet cafe. I still couldn't believe this was happening, me sitting with Zayn Malik, I didn't want it to end though. Ever. I keep expecting to wake up to my Zayn poster on the side of bed, but every time I squeeze my eyes shut and open them, it never looks like a dream.We snuck into a small booth in the corner of the cafe; he ran his hands through the blonde stripe at the front of his hair. That was the one thing I loved about him, his hair. His quiff always looking immaculate and clean.

As I was daydreaming the waitress came over. "Can I get you anything?" she asked, not realizing she was in the presence of a member from One Direction.

Zayn didn't seem fazed and just replied "Coffee for me please." he looked over at me.

I stared at him still in a trance, "Oh um..yeah coffee for me as well, thank you." Zayn just laughed as the waitress walked off.

"So what are you going to Sixth Form for?" Zayn questions as we wait for our coffees to arrive.

"Art." I reply simply.

The waitress brings back our coffees and as we sip them, he says "I love art, I'd like to say I'm good at it. Wish I'd studied it."

I lounge back in my chair and start playing with my hair,"I've seen some of you work on Tumblr, you're amazayn but-." He laugh's at my pun and finished my sentence "But why would I want to be an artist when I'm part of One Direction!?" he chuckles. "I do art in my spare time a bit, go on, I wanna see you draw...let's say a frog!" I stare at him, slightly confused but I get out my sketch pad and begin to draw. I've never been to good at sketching animals, I do more shading and sculptures, but a frog can't be that hard can it? I do a rough sketch and hand the book over to him...

Zayn almost wet himself, "That's a frog!" he bursts into laughter again.

I feel quite hurt and say defensively "It was only a rough sketch and this chairs a bit wobbly, so shh." I get up and smack his head with the book, however end up smacking his coffee as well. It drips down onto his black Hollister jogging bottoms and onto the floor.

We both look down and I bite my lip trying not to laugh. He deserved it though, laughing at my 'frog'. Zayn looks up at me gritting his teeth. I get serious and run over to get him a napkin. As I run, Zayn bursts out laughing again and runs after me.

"Come 'ere you silly sausage, they won't help come to the loo with me." I laugh at him, surprised at his jolly tone.

As we walk over to the toilets I apologize  "Zayn, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to - I, I" but I cut myself off from giggling again.

We go into the disabled loo, and Zayn closes the door, I lock it straight after. He looks at me puzzled, "Why did you lock it." I slowly move my fingers towards the lock again, "I thought you wanted some privacy."

He smirks and says "Yeah and hows that gonna look when we both walk out from the same toilet..." I go bright red and realize what I'd done, I quickly flick open the lock again and help him dry off his trousers. "Ahh god, I can't wear these, when all the camera's are around." He says frustrated.

"I thought you didn't care about them." I raise one eyebrow.

"Mm well, what do you think the papers will say? 'Zayn Malik get's a bit too excited about his trip to Ireland' ." I can't help laughing at this.

After a few minutes of washing and drying I say, "They look good enough now, anyway couldn't you of just wore some other ones?"

Suddenly we both stare at each other.

"Our suitcases! We left them in cafe!" We stumble out of the toilets, not caring what we look like and dash back to the cafe. We stare at the table we sat at, and as I walk over to it I gain awareness that only my bag is there.

Before we can say anything we hear "Departure Number 207 to Dublin is about to take off."

Zayn slams his fist on the table, "Paul must of taken my bag thinking I'd gone on the plane!" He bends down and shakes his head while I just stand there. This is all my fault, if I hadn't drawn that stupid frog!

"Olivia." I say.

"What?" he replies.

"And Niall,Harry,Liam, Louis...what if they're on the plane."

At that point, we understand the reality of the situation.

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