Lucky Charms

Jodie and Olivia thought they were just going to Dublin to study, but an eventful day at the airport changes everything. The two girls think they are living a dream, but when reality hits them, they couldn't be more wrong...


1. Familiar Face? -Jodie-

Olivia and I were catching a flight to Ireland, we had both been accepted to join the sixth form in Dublin and as we were both good friends, we decided to go together. As we entered the airport, Olivia wrapped her hoodie round herself as the wind blew through the doors.

"God, it's cold" she shuddered, zipping it up and continuing to pull her two large cases to the check in desk.

"I hope Dublin isn't as bad" I laughed and shrugged, adjusting my panda hat. I seemed quite nervous, I mean, I'd been away from home many times before but this was different, I'm actually doing something - "You're obsessed with that thing" Olivia interrupts my thought, pointing at my fluffy hat.

"I love it to bits" I smile. It was true, I did love it. It's my favorite piece of clothing, I wore it with everything.

Olivia rolled her eyes at me as we began to check in. It didn't take long, and after we went through passport control we had another two hours to fill in the departure lounge. We made it through and decided to go into WH Smiths. "I need a magazine, or I'll be moaning through the whole flight, you know what I'm like Liv." I started wandering round the shop, grabbing a copy of OK! and a bottle of Pepsi. Olivia did the exact same except pick up some sort of fashion magazine. We paid and went to sit down, spying the crowds of people gathering near the cafe. "Celebrity here d'you think?" she guessed whilst opening her magazine.

"Maybe, but it isn't worth it." I smiled, before I drink my Pepsi. "I won't be a minute, I need chewing gum" I stood up rapidly and headed for WH Smiths, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever the people were gathering for, however I failed to see. I made it to the back of shop and started looking at chewing gum.

As I read the different flavors  behind me I heard, "Nice hat." I paused; something inside of me knew that voice, Northern, from Bradford maybe... No it couldn't be. I slowly turned around, and there stood face to face with me, was Zayn Malik. My throat suddenly went dry, unable to make a sound. I had given up on all those months of hoping to meet him. "Uh.." I manage to stutter. I adjusted my hat and stood up straight, feeling myself blush.

"I'm Zayn" He smiled. Oh god, those eyes were enough to make me melt.

"Y-yeah, I know who you are" I smiled shakily; I had to remind myself not to jump and squeal like a little kid. I giggled and pulled my hat off, "I feel like an idiot now."

"Why?" he asked, pulling the same one out of his bag and putting it on. "They're cool."

I laughed and put my own hat back on. I have the same hat as Zayn, he said they were cool! No way could this be real, it had to be a dream. Zayn Malik was a hot,talented and famous member from One Direction; I was just a student heading off to Sixth Form to study art! We shouldn't even be in the same room together let alone talk to each other. I blush of the thought of what had just happened to me.

"Why are you blushing" he asks softly, putting his hand on my cheek. Warm and smooth he stroked it and I let out a childish squeal and said " I guess, well I love you to bits, oh god I'm so embarrassed!".

"You don't seem to be gathering like all the other fan girls out there." He smiled.

I looked around the shop, it was empty. "I didn't know you were here" I spoke quickly, picking out a few packs of gum.

"Am I not worth it" he faked a cocky tone.

I stared at him, thinking I'd hurt him, "No, no of course you - I mean you're definitely worth it! I-I just thought you need um some space that's all."

He stared at me in disbelief, I'd done it again made a complete fool of myself. "You don't meet fans like you everyday."

I burst out laughing, "You wouldn't of said that about me a few months ago!" we both laughed this time. "Where are you off to then bad boy?"

"Dublin, we're doing a gig there."

"Wow! So am I, well not to the gig I mean, I'm off to Sixth Form there, not a gig..." I stumbled. I was so ditzy. I would be slapping myself if I could.

"Well, our flights not for another few hours, how about we get a drink?" then suddenly he stares down at my unopened Pepsi bottle. "Oh, you already have one." He says disappointed.

"No! This is er my friends, she's just popped to the loo." I blurt out, desperate to spend more time with Zayn. I place the bottle on a shelf. Zayn smiled and my heart stopped, I was in heaven. I put the gum back and he said "Let's go then". If this was heaven, I liked it.


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