The Untamed Best

Dear, Jessy
im sorry i wasn't there i didn't protect you from everything i broke my promise i couldn't keep you safe i broke and heart you im sorry. i know you're thinking im just writing this but believe me i mean every word you were something that changed me and made me feel alive. you changed me but in the end i was THE UNTAMED BEAST but im willing to change for you.

-Zayn Malik


3. Take My Last Breath

  Jessy :-

after rehearsal everyone said it was great i was so happy during break as i was walking i heard people screaming at each other i meant to be sneaky when i went to see what's going on i found the boy from early this morning at the cafe i think his name was liam talking to harry "We can't leave him like that"liam said which harry replied to "well what are we suppose to do we already tried everything  instead of screaming harry sounded like whining "Stop being such a baby we have to do something he won't talk or do anything with us"liam screamed this time i found it extremely awkward that they didn't even notice me so i decided to walk the other way instead .after about five minutes. yup you guessed it i'm lost i found something lying on the ground with a puddle of blood wait BLOOD god damnit i stopped freaking out and ran over to be shocked i swear that person looked like zayn i screamed for help a couple of time until people gathered and called an ambulance by the time the boys arrived i was drenched in tears and my throat felt on fire i know i didn't know zayn this well but i felt like my heart being ripped out of my chest.

liam :-

Me and harry were fighting over zayn he wasn't himself anymore he wasn't our bro he didn't smile and rarely ate "How about-- harry suddenly stopped when we both herd a deaf causing scream we both looked at each other and ran as fast as we could down the hallway until we found Jessy wait wasn't she the girl we met at the cafe this morning what is she doing her ? well ZAYN harry screamed i looked over to find zayn on the ground looked beat up so bad and was surrounded by blood people had already called an ambulance what the hell happened we were just with him half an hour ago

Jessy :-

i was so scared for zayn really i felt like i was breaking what happened to him OMG what if he doesn't survive god i knew something bad was going to happen today can this day get any worse when the paramedics came and took zayn people walked away "Jessy" i heard i looked up and found liam and harry i couldn't bring myself to stop crying or even crack a smile i nodded he said "do you need a ride were going to get zayn to see him you know" i smiled gratefully and nodded signaling for a yes the car ride was silent mostly crying or thinking when we go there all of us practically threw our self out of the car we went to the front woman and asked her where is Mr. Malik or what room is he in she flirted with liam and harry we almost had to hold liam back from screaming at her until i was fed up "Listen here woman we don't give a damn about what you want just tell us were zayn is so we can get the hell there before i freaking beat you for not doing your job" i said and found the woman jaw hang ajar well that set her straight "his in room 423"she said in bored tone we freaked out there only to find people coming out of his room already who looked like they belonged in a gang or jail the only question on my mind was 

what the hell were they doing in his room ?

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