The Untamed Best

Dear, Jessy
im sorry i wasn't there i didn't protect you from everything i broke my promise i couldn't keep you safe i broke and heart you im sorry. i know you're thinking im just writing this but believe me i mean every word you were something that changed me and made me feel alive. you changed me but in the end i was THE UNTAMED BEAST but im willing to change for you.

-Zayn Malik


2. Stereo Hearts


Jessy :-   i don't know why but i have a bad feeling about today like something major was going to happen in the studio well finger crossed nothing bad will happen..   zayn :-   back at the cafe i couldn't go with the boys to see the girl they were talking about what if she judged me or if she hated me or pretended to like me for fame like they all did i don't think i will be able to handle that it will hurt so much i caught a glimpse of her she was beautiful but she wont go for a guy like me when harry and the others like her i don't stand a chance im well me   i as usual checked Twitter a few fans saying they love me and asking for a follow and others saying    "you don't deserve to be in the band" "go die no body will care" "your a terrorist" "why are you still in the band" and many like them i don't deserve to be in the band was i too fat ? too ugly or was my voice not good enough ? sometimes i feel like giving up like i don't deserve to be with the guys in the band anymore--   i was cut off my thoughts when harry said "Mate come on we're gonna be late for the studio were supposedly meeting the new artist who just got signed so hurry up" then i heard footsteps walk well i sighed i guess this is it .   when we interned the studio i heard the most amazingly voice ever in the recording booth   in real life im waking up alone its one more time you didn't make it home   and one more time you wont pick up the phone    in real life you never bring me flower when your here its only for an hour   im getting used to being on my own   wow i was mesmerized by her voice she sounded like and angel is she the new signed singer well she deserve it i cant wait to meet her    "Zayn" shit i knew that voice so well   ".....
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