The Untamed Best

Dear, Jessy
im sorry i wasn't there i didn't protect you from everything i broke my promise i couldn't keep you safe i broke and heart you im sorry. i know you're thinking im just writing this but believe me i mean every word you were something that changed me and made me feel alive. you changed me but in the end i was THE UNTAMED BEAST but im willing to change for you.

-Zayn Malik


1. A New Start

Jessy :-

okay you can do this i keep telling my self well today new place new start i at least hope so well actually England is a very pretty place or i do think so from yesterday i got to the point of signed to SYCO records it was amazing i got to audition in front of Simon cowell and eventually got signed which was totally fab if you think of it -after half an hour- im almost done unpacking everyday oh im gonna go grab Starbucks.

at Starbucks people were squished at the window and everywhere around the cafe i don't know who's one direction every one apparently dying to meet but actually i thought i wont be able to go there in one piece well i did thank god its very terrifying there i got there there were five boys sitting at the far end of the cafe i went straight to order a Milk Shake its freaking hot here well yeah in England it can be hot so i sat as far from them as i could i plug in my earphones and played Justin bieber i love him but i felt five eyes burning on my back.

i turned found them staring at me like im kind of an alien i raised an eyebrow they all still looked shocked them called my name i didn't pay because  i work here hay don't judge i love socializing with people i thanked the cashier and went to my seat it didn't pass 3 minutes until found four boys standing in front of me i almost fell off my chair from the sudden shock which was going to make this embarrassing--

"hey gorgeous"i was cutted out of my thoughts i looked up at the boy who spoke he had curly hair the kind u think would have thousand of girls throwing them self on him well i replied with a simple hey he kept flirting until i had enough i pulled the chair in front of me so he couldn't sit and told him "okay okay are you going to keep flirting really because i really had enough"i know i sounded like a complete bitch but seriously i don't do one night stand or anything so that made him go straight back on the line i heard them whisper she doesn't know who we are oh i do your the boys who are obviously annoying and wont leave me but i kept smiling hoping they would go away "so well im liam nice to meet you"said the boy who was known to be liam now i smiled and told him hi "im jessy nice to meet you"i replied when "im superman"was said as loud as possible liam spoke and said "sorry he doesn't do well with sugar his name is Louis and this is harry and niall and that one over there is zayn"he pointed to each one and the one sitting at the very far end i couldn't help but wonder why was he sitting alone but that's not my business slowly i received a massage from Simon saying they need me at the studio i had to cut them off and saying bye and running away to my house and then to the studio apparently one direction is going to be there so i had to hurry whoever they are this day is going to be long i thought

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