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First question: Do you like One Direction for? If not, now collapse this window., Because in this story I'm going to write a blog about them.

So shut? No? Or you're a Directioner or just curious as to what I write. ;) I'm glad.

So let's do it!

The story: One Direction growing reputation and success in. Has been slow since 2010. Now there are 2,012. The boys moved out to America for a while. Within approximately a month. They lived in different houses, but in the same street.


1. Chapter 1.

The plaza was full of girls. Today, more than average even fewer have stayed there. The twittering chicks banded together, pressing against posztereiket, telephone numbers, and the bags that contain drágábbnál expensive dekoltázsú deep, arty dresses, tops flattened. At least, Abigail His opinion about them. He thought that a dress or a wild or elegant or simple. But in no way the three together.

The brown-haired girl in the back of the eye when they see all, waiting. Expected to Lisa get here, and then talk about nonsense, what a good ass kitárgyalják One Direction's Louis Tomlinson cent. But Lisa never came. Not even a half an hour.

Abigail felt tricked me, but even more miserable. Sadly sighed, pushed away from the korláttól, and looked helplessly apart. Did not want to go home. He was glad when runaway from home. It's already ... He said everyone in the mall will be a special day. Made something of a surprise. Only Ab did not know what.

- But I hate all this stupid, empty-headed kitten plaza - Abigail thought, mközben waded off the girls to hit the stores bizsus. Beérve necklaces immediately made his way to where he saw immediately what she wanted more than anything else. An owl necklace medal. Admired it for a while, then carefully lifted from his seat, and rushed checkout.

- Will be $ 950 - the cashier said wearily. Ab fished in the pocket of one of the thousands of women's hands, then quickly pulled on his own, as disgusting found the two-inch, sharp, blooming pink nails.

- Thank you very much. Goodbye - thanked her, and after the store came out, snatched the necklace from its packaging, admired a little, then a little awkward, but put him in the neck. Sighed happily, and shortly afterwards the path of the moving stairs made her one. Stood on a black and gray moving "miracle" that a few minutes later delivered him to the ground floor shopping center. He stepped down from the stairs, and was surprised to find that more and more girls are at the mall, so that their hands clutching posters, some CDs and books.

- Ah, do not expect anything more at this surprise - decided to take Ab, and still puzzled looking at the girls. Once he thought, staring at them enough, compiling corridor leading to the exit. When you're close to the end of the corridor, he heard a terribly loud scream ... Not even one. Before a two meters, as one of the girls started to run., Abigail hurried eagerly towards the end of the corridor. Reaching the end of the slowed-down, then twisted the locality ...

Harry Styles was not another night, another woman. His head throbbed with a hangover.

Son of a bitch ... - She hissed between his teeth and climbed sitting position, and landed on the bed you woke bed mate. Ráomlott torso naked blond hair, blue eyes sparkled and butane. Looked at the cream-colored room apart, and then dropped him again, Whose bed press. Gracefully jumped out of bed, picked up her clothes, and went looking for the bathroom. After some time, the girl by the name of Selly ass illegetve Harry went to the kitchen, i just made some tea ... one person. Selly hands behind embraced the boy, then hiding it. Surprised Harry turned his head back, forward and back. The belly of the two hands grabbed and pulled himself.

- Hey kitty, it was just an adventure. There will be more of these, you know? - Whole body turned to her and said softly, but cold, and lifeless. She stared in front of him for a while, then suddenly she hit Harry. He endured, was not surprised.

- Fuck you, you f * cker! - Selly shrieked, eyes narrowed, and Harry had just heard the door bang. And he burst into loud laughter.

- Silly Goose - Harry laughed more.

He enjoyed to hurt women. (Figuratively speaking of course.) This is all her joy. She wanted to be the opposite of all people suffer the genus, such as time, he suffered because his parents are divorced. Harry dreaded the time that his mother might find someone and forget Him. Of course, this did not happen. Anne continues to deal with it. Everyone's suffering. He was. And He is still kept as it was anyakomplexusa. In addition, he did not trust women. Feared that span cheat, take advantage of the money, or cheat. At that time, when he came with his mother's stepfather, felt deceived call shenanigans.

Now, eighteen head, I thought, you know the people (His only for women), how does it feel when they are being fucked. He not only suffer. Therefore it was that Harry was the other woman took home every day, morning and told him that that was it.

And this went on for almost a year now. But today everything has changed.

Louis Tomlinson opened his eyes, then turned to the side, and hugged him lying beside her, Eleanor. She winced at the touch, then turned to the boy's embrace, so that it was facing. We both just stared at each other, and I was wondering if there could be so lucky to have found each other so that way complementary.

- Good morning honey - said Louis. His voice was a little hoarse, and not as deep as the other boy.
- You too sweet - Eleanor said, and then a kiss on his friend's mouth and hid it.
- Are you busy today?
- Yes. Why?
- Well ... ten to be signing today, we live in a small mall in Los Angeles, and I want you to come. Liam brings Danielle, Zayn and Perrie was. Sure against you, if we have done our job we have to go - Eleanor looked deeply into his eyes Louis. He hoped that she was going to take him, because there is still little together.

- All right, I'll go - I smile to a little girl, and pulled him even more to Lou. I love you - he whispered in her ear.
- I love you, Eleanor.
- Jesus Danielle ... I ... I ... I'm so sorry. God ... How could I be so stupid? Oh my God ... my God, my God ... - Siad Liam Payne. Was on the verge of tears.

Danielle Peazer birthday today. Liam and flowers be forgotten. She said that if she dares to be present in leaves. So the fact that Liam him the world's best gifts.

- Liam! Liam, calm down. There is nothing wrong. I'm not mad. The important thing is not to forget, what is it that felköszöntöttél. It's not that I did not get flowers. What interests me flowers when I have the world's biggest-hearted friend? - Danielle took Liam's face between his hands. The boy's face appeared on the first tears, then suddenly pulled Danielle's face and hands like crazy and quickly began to look for a wallet. A few minutes later he found it.
- I'm ... I'll be back - sniffed.
- Li ... - Daniel then said to have been, but then Liam was already out the door, and ran crying to the florist. He did not care that people see it, it cries, it does not, then the screaming fans. Just because Danielle buy the world's most beautiful bunch of red roses. I still burst into tears the flower door, sobbing and said:
- All I ask Rose of fine red and ... and if you ... can put a big basket. - Liam is still crying. The salesman looked at him shocked, but complied with the request. Five minutes later, a guy paid even gave a tip and thanked all after he left the store and hurried stride again started for home.

Danielle was sitting at home in your living room. He wondered how God touched the feet of Liam. He thought that Liam's life without you would not. He loved this boy. More than anything.

Zayn Malik was at the airport. Of course, in disguise. He hoped that his girlfriend Perrie Edwards comes from. He did not want a fuss. Would have preferred safely and unobtrusively to get back to his apartment, which let's face it ... quite far away.

- Turn up the music cause this song just come on ... - Heard Zayn favorite singer, Chris Brown's voice. Phone took out of his pocket, why Perrie screen name and image of a deficit.
- Hey, baby - said into the boy.
- Hi, honey. Where are you? I see nowhere in sight - she said sadly. Zayn looked around once more. Then once more. And then she saw him. Perrin. She stood there, a suitcase, and he was looking for someone. Zayn. Zayn ran towards it, and when it is almost reached him, you can Perrie noticed him. She jumped into his neck and hugged him tightly.
- Here are ... - Zayn whispered.
- Here, and here it is, as long as I can - búgta the boy's ear.

- Aj ... Niall Horan, do not ever eat is ... please you very much - it was a voice from somewhere.
- But if I'm hungry ... or would prefer to die of hunger ... Demi Lovato? - Replied the boy looking at the camera. Demi and Niall skypeoltak.
- No, no, I want to - she laughed, then suddenly turned serious. - When did we meet?
- I do not know ... anyway ... You're such a fool ... me got up at half past seven, so we can talk about the show, and prior to signing. I can not be so important to me.
- But, yes you are - raised his voice a little Demi, and blushed. Although it does not appear in the camera. - Why do not you come over?
- You really are a fool - laughed at Niall. - Come on. - Replied the boy, was felt within a burst of happiness. Demi felt it too.
- I'm not crazy ... - She murmured. - I like you just really. - Said honestly. - Okay ... then ... a ... 15 minutes and I'm there. Hi Niall. - Demi goodbye.
- I like you I Demetria. Good, hurry up. Hey Demi. - Niall replied. Turn off Skype, along with the laptop as well. He ran to his room, blew herself a bit and then checked the look as well. Then ran into the kitchen. He took a drink and some food if you ask for something and then the chosen of her heart. Fifteen minutes later, a demi actually stood in the doorway. Niall is monstrously large butterflies in the belly opened the door.

- Hey - thanks to the boy and took him, and hugged him. Demi was delighted returned.
- Hi, - she whispered.
- Come on, Come in - invited him into the house.
- Thank you.

Inside, a huge silence them. Silence is "a bit" awkward, but good. They could think that you are actually now that are what they were. Niall looked at Demi, and caught eyes. Carefully, so as not to see the girl, sliding closer to him.

- Listen to Demi ... can I ask you something? - "I'm not normal." Niall thought. "But ... live once."
- Of course. - She smiled. "I just do not ... I just do not want to ask? Oh, God, I pray." Demi prayed.
- To walk with me? - Niall said in that particular sentence. A little sigh of relief that he could ask. But received no reply. Demi In other words, instead of replying to kiss. Niall response and deepened the kiss.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter. Thank you very much!


Liraa *-*

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