(MA 16+ story) Ebony was a normal girl, living a completely normal life, in what she thought was a normal world. She always pushed the borders of the rules her parents put down for her to follow, always wanting a life with more adventure, more adrenaline... Until one night she pushed it too far. Life aint' all rainbows and butterflies when everything you cared for is taken from you, when everything you know is thrown out the window! Will she escape her kidnappers? Or will she die trying?


3. Why?

"You can't just kidnap me!"

"... I just did."

My smokey grey eyes stare into the hazel brown of the nut-ball that's taken me here. He smiles devilishly at me, his pale skin looking almost luminescent in the dimly lit bedroom. "Besides, it'll be a lot of fun, hiding you from the cops, and dragging you everywhere."

"You're not going to get away with this!" I yell, struggling in my restraints, handcuffs that stretch my arms and legs out to the corners of the bed. One arm; one corner. that's how he'd strapped me down.

And I can't. Fucking. Move.

"I may not, but you wont even get away." The sick bastard told me, his black hair barely visible against his shaved head. "Besides, I've always wanted a servent, like a monkey butler. Except, with a woman, they can fulfill my more... Sexual, needs." He told me, stepping closer and running his fingers slowly, gently down the inside of my thigh. I grimaced, and tried to squirm away. The man then lifts his hand away from my thigh, and slaps my square in the face. I gasp; it burns like hell.

"You'll learn to obey, sooner or later..." He once again trails his fingers down the inside of my thigh. I don't try to move away, but I shudder, and tense. He then presses his finger into the back of my knee, with precision enough to know he's found this pressure point multiple times before. I whimper, attempting to lift my knee from his grasp, but failing miserably as the cuffs hold me captive. "... It would be better for both of us if you let me do as I pleased," He spat through clenched teeth. "But that was a little improvement. Now, be a good girl, will you?"

Once again, he smiles at me. I decide to speak up, yelling at the top of my voice.

"You have the most depressing smile! Don't flash it while I'm in the room!"


I hear laughter from the other room, and the man grimaces, and his eyes flash with anger. He storms towards me, and I tense, closing my eyes shut tight and clenching my jaw, preparing myself for the slap...

... But it never comes.


When I open my eyes again, there's another man in the room.

He's holding the asshole's hand tightly, stopping him from hitting me. "Angus, hold your temper. She's not yours, so don't bruise her." I stare up at this man's warm gaze as he glances down at me. The asshole, or as I've now heard, Angus, jerks his hand away and storms out of the room.

The man gazes at me warmly. I feel myself involuntarily relax.


He looks angelic, with his long blonde hair, and ocean blue eyes. He, like Angus, has pale skin, and has broad shoulders. This man, though, is lean, but you can clearly see muscle tone, while Angus was all bulk.

"Hello," He murmured quietly, pleasantly to me, a gentle smile on his face. "My name is Leon." I gaze up at Leon, my face blank. Lean's smile fades as he glances at my throbbing cheek, and he leans forward to investigate.

I instantly tense, clenching my jaw tightly and turning my head away. "Oh no," Leon murmurs softly, slightly calming my nerves, "Don't worry. I'm nothing like Angus. I won't hurt you. You're too pretty for that." Once again, I involuntarily relax. Leon's face molds a worried expression, as he tentatively turns my head. He then trails his fingers down my cheek, the feeling cold against my bruising flesh. I close my eyes, craving the relief that his cold, cool fingers bring. Then, Lean lifts his hand away, and I'm brought back to this horrible, cruel reality.

I open my eyes to find Leon grinning down at me. I blush, and he laughs quietly. "You're cute. I like you." He then bends down and gently kisses me on the forehead. It felt sweet, and made me crave more, as the lingering feeling of his lips on my forhead slowly faded. Leon walked towards the door, his long legs getting him there very quickly. He then yelled, "Guys, come introduce yourselves."


I hear footsteps down the hall as Leon opens the door completely, walking around the side of the bed to stand closest to my head. I glance up at him for a moment, before looking towards the door.

When Angus walks in, I tense. He approaches my with a vengeance in mind, but Leon gives him one stern glare, and he shys away, leaning in a corner.


Then, two other men I hadn't met yet walked into the room.

The first has dark brown hair -and when I say dark, I'm talking dark dark-and once again, dark brown eyes. They almost looked black, which gave me the creeps. He was wearing glasses, and a suit that worked well with his appearance. Like Leon, he was tall, and lean, but he wasn't muscly. At least, I couldn't tell. He walked towards me with enviable grace.

"My name is Masa." He told me, his calm, steady voice echoing through the walls of my head. He regarded me cooly, his eyes looking quickly over my features before he went back.

The second one had a cocky grin plastered on his face.

He had chestnut brown hair, tan skin, and eyes the same colour as his hair. He's tall as well -seems to be like a must-have thing around here- and is muscly, but not bulky. He had long fingers that caught my attention from the beginning. I wonder what he does with those... Just as that thought crosses my mind, I shudder, and blush lightly.

He grins at me. "Hmm, blushing about my fingers, are we?" Everyone in the room freezes, and seems to process what I'm thinking, before they all blush. Except for the long-fingered man standing in front of me.

"Maybe I'll do that later, but right now, stick to the topic. I'm Hiro." He tells me. I blush again, my face warming up in embarressment.


I give each of the men a once-over. Leon, Hiro and Masa are very attractive, and neither of those three have been abusive as of yet. But Angus still scares me. I'm not so sure I'll like him very much. They all look to be about twenty or so.

Well, I may end up hating all of them, considering they're PSYCHOS and they CHAINED ME TO THE MOTHER FUCKING BED.


"Well, thank you for kidnapping me, now will you let me go?" I ask with fake innocence, tilting my head to the side. Hiro and Angus laugh, and Leon frowns, but Masa remains emotionless.

"No, we can't let you go." Leon tells me regretfully. "Your boyfriend lost a bet and sold you to us so he wouldn't have to pay." Angus informs me, his cold words stabbing me straight to the heart. I visibly wince, and tears begin to fill my eyes.



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