(MA 16+ story) Ebony was a normal girl, living a completely normal life, in what she thought was a normal world. She always pushed the borders of the rules her parents put down for her to follow, always wanting a life with more adventure, more adrenaline... Until one night she pushed it too far. Life aint' all rainbows and butterflies when everything you cared for is taken from you, when everything you know is thrown out the window! Will she escape her kidnappers? Or will she die trying?


4. The Truth

My whole world has just come crashing down. I've been hit with something I couldn't dodge. I fell in love with a gambler, and he put me on the line for his own selfish habits.


For a moment, I let silent tears fall from my eyes, not moving a muscle, my face and eyes depicting the sadness that threatens to overwhelm me. Then, I lose my resolve. My face hardens, and becomes just as emotionless as Masa's. I stare at the roof blanky, as tears fall from the sides of my eyes. I'm unable to stop those, as of yet.

Leon imediately senses my heart break, and gingerly stretches a hand out to whipe away my tears. "Ebony..." He whipes them away, but I don't respond to his touch. I simply lay there, staring at the roof, chained to a bed in a skimpy dress, and I thong which I'm sure they know about. Tears continue to fall.

Leon eventually retracts his hand, knowing it's hopeless to try and stop my crying.

Masa's showing emotion now. Disdain.

Hiro's face has fallen to regret.

Angus is still the smug bastard who enjoyed torturing me in the first place.


Anger replaces my sorrow. "Fuck you, Angus. I worship the ground that awaits your grave. And fuck you too, Hiro, for laughing along with his petty jokes." My voice was calm, though Angus' face immediately becomes angered. Hiro frowns, and so does Masa. Leon's face is blank, and he's blinking rapidly, probably trying to process what I said.

I can't see what's going on, as I'm staring at the roof, But I know that Angus is creeping from his corner of the room, coming towards me with sinful intent. Leon seems to be in a daze; no being saved from him.

"Angus, leave her." Masa warns, and through the corner of my eye I can see him step closer to the bed, where I lay. Hiro does nothing. Well, of course- I insulted him too.

Angus glares at Masa for a moment before storming out of the room. Hiro simply grimaces, before striding out after him. Leoon seems to have broken out of his daze, and is glaring at the door, solid as a rock.


"Don't do that again," Masa warns, "Because next time, I won't protect you." He then leaves the room as well.

Leon bends over and kisses me gently on the forehead before he walks out as well.


So, it's just me, myself and I...


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