(MA 16+ story) Ebony was a normal girl, living a completely normal life, in what she thought was a normal world. She always pushed the borders of the rules her parents put down for her to follow, always wanting a life with more adventure, more adrenaline... Until one night she pushed it too far. Life aint' all rainbows and butterflies when everything you cared for is taken from you, when everything you know is thrown out the window! Will she escape her kidnappers? Or will she die trying?


7. "Don't go..."

A hear a groan from beside me. "Masa?" I ask quietly, lying back down and turning to face him. In one movement, he hugs me close, so tightly I'm afraid to moved. I can feel the love in his embrace. His tears soak my shoulder.

"Don't go, don't leave me!" He whimpers in his sleep. 'I'm not going anywhere.' I want to say, but my curiosity stops me. "Don't leave me! Don't die! Sarah, I love you!" He sobs into my shoulder, his body quivering violently. Now it's my turn to be comforting. I feel so sad for him, that I can't help but hug him back, nightmare or not.

"I'm not leaving you." I whisper soothingly, hugging him close, stroking his hair. "I won't ever leave you, no matter what." Somehow, I know saying this should feel strange, or wrong, but somehow they fit. Somehow I know what I'm saying is true, on seem deep, deep level. "It's alright, because I love you."

Surely that was a lie, on my part. And yet, it didn't feel like one. With those words, though, Masa settled down, though he continued to hug me like his life depended on it. Now who's the stupid one? I think, rather cruelly. Oh well. Sweet dreams.




My eyes flutter open to sunlight warming my face through the windows of Masa's bedroom. I swuint as my eyes adjust to the bright light, looking around the room. Sometime, Masa must have gotten up, as he's not in the bed with me any longer. I sit up, taking my time to study the room.

The walls are a simple cream colour, along with the carpet. His wardrobe and bedside table are white, and looking up, so is the roof. The frame of the bed I'm sitting on is black, and so is the doona cover. The sheets are white, though.

I like the room; it's simple.


It doesn't take long before I get out of bed myself. I walk over to Masa's wardrobe, and open the door to reveal shirts, t-shirts, suit pants, jeans... The lot. I pull out one of his white shirts, using a trick I found off the internet to turn it into a nice dress. Admiring my work, I pull off the dress I have underneath -- The party dress that became one of nightmares -- and walk towards the bedroom door. I reach out for the door handle slowly, my hand covering the white nob, and turn...

... To find the door unlocked.

I smile, giddy, as I walk down the hallway that Masa carried me through only the night before. I cautiously step into the kitchen.


How can I tell it's a kitchen? There's a fridge, and that's about it. Nothing else. Nada. Zilch.

Frowning, I tip-toe over the tiles, and into the living room. A flat-screen television sits on a small, dark brown table, and a black leather couch is in  the middle of the room

I was expecting all four men to be in the living room. And yet, I only see one.


"... Hiro?" I murmur quietly, cautiously, as I step out of the kitchen, and towards him. He turns to me, startled for a moment, before he cracks a grin. He looks me over, head-to-toe, before he speaks.

"Ebony! Is that Masa's shirt? It looks much better on you."

I blush at his sudden complement. "Th-thanks..." I murmur, awkwardly sitting down on the opposite end of the couch.

"What? From 'Fuck you' to 'thank you' to be so quickly, somethings gotta be up." He jokes, turning his body so he faces me. I frown, looking down at my knees.

"Um... Thank you for being on my side, the other night..." I pause, looking up to see Hiro has a rather grim expression. "Even though I did absolutely nothing." I add. With this, Hiro laughs.

"Don't worry about it. Would you like something to eat?"


I find it's comfortable with Hiro. He's easy to talk to, and get along with, and I find him being rather kind and funny. The rest of the morning continues as such.


We both freeze as we hear a car pull up, and doors slamming. The front door clicks open.


"But Masa, I was just having fun~" Leon's voice.

"I don't want to hear it!" Masa.

"Aw, come on! He wanted to break the new toy." Angus. Ugh.


"Behind me." Hiro whispers into my ear, suddenly much closer. I do as he says, switching places with him on the couch, just as Masa steps into the room. He freezes, raising his eyebrows at my clothing choice, before laughing softly, and shaking his head at me. Leon walks up behind him.

"Oh." He utters, freezing as if glued to the spot. "Seems I haven't broken her yet." I narrow my eyes at this, giving Leon my best death-glare. Leon gasps over dramatically, mockingly, and raises a hand to his mouth. "Oh no, it seems I'm hated by the angel."

Angus steps beside him. "You're not the only one." He laughs.

My gaze softens as I turn to gaze at Masa. "Oh," Leon mocks, "So the only one loved by the angel is our angel?" I choose to ignore him.


It doesn't work. "Why don't you play hide and go fuck yourself?" I hiss, gritting my teeth together, trembling in anger. Leon grins malisciously.

"There's only one thing in this room I'd like to-" He doesn't get to finish his scentence.

"Bow-bow; wrong answer!" I growl, picking up the television remote and throwing it at his head. He looks shocked for a moment, before his slow reaction time causes him to miss the remote completely. it hits him square in the nose before it clatters to the ground.

Hiro and Angus begin laughing, and I can't help but grin. Leon simply glares at me, disappearing to treat his blood nose. Angus is in hysterics on the floor. I roll my eyes. It wasn't that funny. I think, though keep my oppinions to myself.

Oh well. He freaking deserved it.

(Shirt-dress: http://static.brit.co.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Look3-How.jpg)

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